Eat Your Weeds

Eat your Weeds – Foraging

imagesI am a Naturopath so I am meant to be weird, sort of like a journalistic licence, I am more weird than most of the IMG_1262Naturopaths that I know because I actually worship and follow science. Prove it or remove it was my catch cry for many years, long before I completed my Masters Degree in Clinical Science -Lifestyle Medicine at Southern Cross University. I only stopped using it because it was seen as an incivility and any incivility attracts a negative response. 

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Pectoralis Major The Heart Attack Pain Mimic

Before I write this I am assuming you have been to see your GP and do not have any cardiac problem.

In 1979 a very tall, very overweight fellow that  worked with me took what appeared to be a serious heart attack and was rushed to Canberra hospital where he was kept for a few days and then released. He was told to change his diet, avoid stress, exercise and lose weight which was like telling a duck it was not allowed to swim anymore, he couldn’t do it. He was very concerned because he had been told by a fortune teller a couple of years before that he would die from a heart attack at age 42 and he now was 42 years old.

After a month or so he was informed by Canberra that he had not had a heart attack it was a stress attack which is a very poorly defined diagnosis. Another fellow had been lifted off a trawler by helicopter and taken to Canberra with a suspected heart attack shortly after I moved from the Bega clinic to this Eden clinic. He also was told that he had not had a heart attack, which he found hard to believe because any exertion put him on the floor in a foetal position because of pain. Continue reading

Love Food That Loves You

fruits-veggies-table_570It sounds corny doesn’t it but many a person has fallen in love with the wrong person only to regret it for the rest of their lives, and you can draw the exact same analogy with food. You can fall fall in love with food that causes heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome. This is a dangerous liaison, the object of your affection is simply not worth the pain and agony you will go through, your love is simply not being returned so leave now and seek a more rewarding partnership. I know true love never runs smooth but this is ridiculous, you spend a fortune on them and they reward you by killing you.

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Western Diet Shrinks The Brain

UnknownAs a science loving Naturopath/Nutritionist with a specialty in Lifestyle Medicine I am always drawn to research that investigate food and disease as if by some magnetic force and today was no different. An Australian study (Canberra & Queanbeyan) was published online 8th Sept, 2015 associating a western diet with shrunken hippocampus amongst a cohort of 60 year olds Jacka FN, Cherbuin N, Anstey KJ, Sachdev P, and Butterworth P (2015).

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Gardening Is A Good Way To Get Your Lifestyle Medicine And Food

IMG_1077Working in the vegetable garden is a great way to not only get lifestyle medicine (activity, mindfulness etc) but also to grow healthy food using organic methods. Everyone knows that vegetables grown in our own gardens always taste better than vegetables grown on a commercial scale, whether this is directly related to chemicals used to grow vegetables at maximum speed for early markets.
Whatever the reason the tomatoes grown in my garden always seem to taste better as does my Tuscan Kale, Beetroot, Lettuce, Potatoes (sweet and plain), Corn, Cabbage, Perpetual Spinach, Garden Peas, Sweet Peas, Climbing Beans, Cucumber, Egyptian Walking Onions, Garlic, Globe Artichoke. The photo on the left was taken during the first week of spring – September in the Southern Hemisphere.Continue reading

Eat Your Way To Great Health

This clinic only believes in evidence based medicine and always has done so, from early qualifications in nutrition, through naturopathy and into lifestyle medicine  with Southern Cross University. Evidence based medicine is the bible for medicine regardless of whatever form of medicine you practice, or it should be, because if it is not you are not only deceiving yourself but also your patients. A couple of centuries ago a chap called Hippocrates claimed we should let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine (he spoke funny like that) reading

Mediterranean Diet Is One Of The World’s Healthiest Diet

When you look back to the 1950’s – 1960’s you remember the Greeks, Italians coming to Australia in large numbers to work on the Snowy Mountain Hydro-Electric Scheme. These Mediterranean people missed their beautiful  coffee made at 55C-60C and their food wine and eating habits. Even when they imported coffee beans and ground them the Australians (trained by English tea drinkers) couldn’t make drinkable coffee, and they found the food intolerable Continue reading

Dementia Is A Terrible Disease

Lifestyle Medi LogoDementia is a terrible disease and most of us fear it. As we age we seem to worry about dementia a lot more than we should, perhaps because of all the media articles and horror stories from friends. Older people worry more when they walk into a room and can’t remember why they entered the room. We inwardly panic when we can’t remember some-ones name we are familiar with or when we forget information we have known for years.Continue reading

Weight Control Is Absolutely Essential For Health

Lifestyle Medi LogoAlmost every issue of major science journals including the American Institute Of Cancer Research a new detrimental finding is explained for weight gain. Another cancer has been linked to being fat today. Kidney cancer now joins the ever growing list of more than 10 different cancers all linked to being over weight. Today they added another risk factor for developing cancer. We knew from past research that short people had more heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes than tall people but today scientists have added being tall to an increased risk of cancer.Continue reading

Contradictions Of Health Is Frustrating

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Contradictions of Health Is Frustrating

Whenever you start thinking about health it always gets complicated with contradiction on top of contradiction. Regardless of what body system you are investigating it wont take long before contradiction rises it’s ugly head, or it could be so difficult to comprehend that you find yourself spending hours trying to find an answer as to why it happens like that. I do a lot of body work as well, remedial massage for compensation patients so you do not want to fail, so it is imperative that you learn your subject well and pain referral patterns have to be understood, but how, and why do some of them occur. We know that inflammation (inflammatory mediators) in the muscle cells disrupt the mitochondria from completing it’s Kreb Cycle but how does a muscle in the lower portion of the leg (soleus) produce pain in the jaw (mastoid muscle) Chaitow L and DeLaney J (2002) Clinical Applications of Neuromuscular Techniques (Book).Continue reading