Low Fat Diets No Better Than Low Carb Diets Or Mediterranean Diet For Weight Loss

Mediterranean_Diet-1Low fat diets are no better than low carb diets or the mediterranean diet for weight loss.

I have always thought this is how it would eventually work out, common sense suggests it. Low fat diets are incredibly hard to follow for all but the very disciplined like vegans who use nothing from an animal source, not even leather. Man evolved to search for fat because fat represented quick calories and calories were in short supply once. Man also searched for sweet not bitter plants because sweet represented safety and not poison. Our taste buds prefer fat and sugar and manufacturers have taken advantage of this.Continue reading

Processed Meats Cause Cancer – WHO

processed-meat-1Processed meats cause cancer -WHO.

According to the latest report released by the World Health Organisation (WHO) processed meats are a cause of colorectal cancer and that red meat probably caused it as well. Both processed meats and red meat have been strongly suspected for more than a decade now. Sheila Bingham showed how red meat caused polyps to grow in the colon in vegetarians that ate half a kilo of red meat/day and these polyps turn cancerous http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/4088824.stm . Continue reading

Patients Need Education Not Medication


Educate don’t medicate

For the second time in a few weeks mainstream medicine is featured on an ABC  television program in an unfavourable light. Last time it was four corners showing wasted medical procedures that cost the Australian health budget $46m per year  for no or very little gain. One of their own Dr Norman Swan presented this program and it was very critical of a lot of medical procedures that had never been scientifically researched, so much for evidence based medicine it seems. Last nights ABC Catalyst – Too much medicine (27/10/2015)   showed how doctors are using medicines that not only lack scientific proof of efficacy but have been shown to harm patients.Continue reading

Iliopsoas – The Joker


The Joker

Iliopsoas is often called the joker because it can cause pain in the lower back as well as the stomach and down the front of the leg, patients usually can only give vague descriptions of the pain. Iliopsoas is made up of two muscles, psoas and iliacus and runs from  lateral borders of T12 to L5 and the transverse processes of the lumbar vertibrae to merge with the tendon of the iliacus and attaches to the lesser trochanter of the femur.Continue reading

Semimembranosus – A seriously painful site

Hamstrings Are Very Painful

The inner hamstrings can present with a confusing pain referral pattern for both practitioner and patient

semimembranosus220-1Semimembranosus tendinopathy is hardly mentioned in the medical literature with very few research papers written on it. According to research papers it rarely occurs but it has been found in this clinic many times in the past 15 years, it appears at least every 3 months and sometimes a lot more frequently and it is difficult to treat.                                                                     http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3445062/.

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Panic Attacks – simple nervous breakdown

images-1-1This article is for information/education only and people suffering severe mental illness should seek medical help from their doctor.

Panic attacks.

 While being defined as a simple nervous breakdown are anything but simple to anyone who has suffered from them. They wreck the lives of sufferers who never know where, when or why an attack occurs. People who have never had panic attacks have no understanding of them and that often includes doctors. People who suffer from this debilitating illness frequently comment that no-one understands, it is just a waste of time talking about it. People can not get their minds around how attacks can occur they all think the patient has to be in fear of something and what are you scared of is a frequent comment. Panic attacks come without any warning and can often last a lifetime if the patient never really learns how to deal with them. Many books have been written on this very subject. Many specialist work in this field but do they cure the problem or merely treat it? Holding it at bay so you can at least function is mostly seen as the best approach. Taking powerful drugs that modify the response is not a cure, it is a treatment, if you go off your powerful drugs you will experience panic attacks returning soon after. Dr Claire Weekes cured thousands of patients worldwide.Continue reading

Are Modern Vegetables And Fruit As Good For You As They Used To Be

As a kid working in my father’s vegetable garden – almost the whole 1/4 acre (1000 m2) block except where the house stood was sown with vegetables, herbs and fruit trees and as I worked I nibbled raw vegetable and as I remember them they were more bitter than they are now. I like bitter more than sweet and about a year ago probably while I was nibbling a lettuce leaf that had been left in the garden to long I started to wonder had the nutrient levels in vegetables changed since my childhood.Continue reading

Can You Prevent Heart Disease

My Family Were Unhealthy

IMG_1262When I was a kid back in the late fifties > early sixties people used to comment to me during health discussions (I started gathering familial health evidence from 5th class on) that the Bobbin family were an unhealthy family, and that they rarely made it past 65 years before dying from a heart attack or stroke. Today we see family members living past 85 years and several have made it into their nineties what has changed?

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The infraspinatus is the cause of more visits to serious massage practitioners than any other muscle, when it is inflamed it feels like something serious is wrong, it is hard to believe it is only a muscle causing this amount of pain, pain radiates from the shoulder down the arm front and back and into the fingers. Infraspinatus muscle pain will not allow sleep of a night because of it’s continuous ache and when the sufferer moves onto their side during the night the increase in pain will wake them up, sometimes it just does not go away regardless of what position is adopted. The infraspinatus, teres minor, supraspinatus and subscapularis make up the four rotator cuff muscles. In the clinic I find most tears occur in the supraspinatus as it runs from the shoulder to it’s anchor point, the greater tubercle.Continue reading

Not All Takeaways Are Junk Food

CQlLxEwVAAEJs1rIn America as it would be here in Australia a common perception is that all cafes sell junk food. Nothing could be further from the truth, junk food is any highly processed food that predominantly depends on taste to sell it. Unfortunately we are a slave to taste because of our evolutionary past and sugar and fat are our two favourite tastes, we would not have made to this point in time if this were not true. Continue reading