New Research Is Finally Proving What My Grandmother Already Knew

New Research Is Finally Proving What My Grandmother Already Knew

Ironic isn’t it that finally we get around to studying simple dietary ways to protect our health years after we journeyed to the moon. One of the major problems faced when doing research is cost so it makes a lot of sense to look at ways of recovering this cost, but you would expect, by now, that politicians would understand the difference between spending and investment, but they don’t, every new government has to have it explained to them and then they have to explain it to their rich supporters in a manner that does not lose them their support base. Difficult isn’t it, and you thought it was simply about health. Continue reading

Take Your Lifestyle Medicine Daily

Take Your Lifestyle Medicine Daily

A lot of people are confused when you talk about lifestyle medicine. Lifestyle medicine if it is allowed to proceed will revolutionise health throughout the world and this is not a hyperbole, it is fact. From the early 1950’s onwards medical 

Lifestyle Medi Logoresearchers knew they could prevent a huge number of what is today called chronic disease. In Australia the fastest growing industry, and the largest is health. The fastest growing section is in the aged care and homeless area, hostels etc. The largest employer of healthcare workers in Australia is hospitals. In total healthcare employs 11.8% of all Australian workers, it is much bigger than the mining industry and if you added in all of the people employed in making pharmaceuticals/nutraceuticals it would be huge. Australians spent 121.4 billion dollars on health in 2009-10 this amounted to 9.4% of total spending on all goods and services known as gross domestic product (GDP) reading

Natural Evidence Based Tools For Lifestyle Medicine

Evidence Based Natural Medicines

The research for natural medicine has been very slow in coming and this is understandable when you look at where the funding comes from. Business’s with a large profile also command a large amount of respect so I don’t think there is any doubt that they get special treatment, especially if they fund a lot of health areas that the government would have to fund themselves if they dropped out. Big Pharma does this.Continue reading

Remedial Massage Is A Serious Physical Therapy

Remedial Massage Is Physical Medicine.

This view is also taken by the Private Health Insurance Act that makes it illegal to refund any portion of cost of treatment for relaxation (recreation or IMG_1055entertainment) or sporting massage except in very limited circumstances. Remedial Massage instead must be used to treat, manage, prevent disease, injury or condition and therefore providers must not bill for those types of services. Most Health Insurers will not allow health providers (Massage Therapists) to work out of a clinic that is a retail outlet, such as beauty therapy or health food retail outlets.
Continue reading

We Own Ten Percent Of Our Microbes

If We Only Own 10% of Our MicroBiome Who Owns The Other 90%?

I don’t know how many of you people watch science programs like catalyst but I find them fascinating and a great arena for learning. Last year catalyst presented the ‘Gut Reaction’ which was about the human micro biome. I was surprised to learn that we only own 10 percent of the microbes so in effect we are a conduit for micro organisms. We do not know what the other microbes do yet we are killing them with antibiotics, prescribed and by stealth contained within the meat we consume.Continue reading

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is Power

Too many kids today trivialise this statement and try to take short cuts to the top in sports as well as academia, but the real winners will emerge from the group that put in the hard yards learning every aspect of their chosen field of endeavour. A good way to approach anything is to follow this little poem

Good better best,images-1

Never let it rest,

Until your good is better,

And your better is the best.

Great sportspeople, great academics and great tradesmen will all find plateaus they find difficult to overcome but the winners will find a way. Continue reading

Our DNA Is Not Our Destiny

DNA Does Not Spell Destiny

Although if you listen to some geneticists and doctors they will try to convince you that you have little control over your future in terms of illness. The great, late Richard Feyman (photo) once said when he was describing science, we make a images-1guess at what some cause and outcome might be but then we have to test it using evidence, and if the evidence does not support it then it is simply wrong. Feyman was probably the greatest communicator of science ever, he had a remarkable ability to explain very complex matters in simple terms, something that seems to be missing in most scientists.

So far the evidence has not supported the geneticists theory of disease, but in fact the evidence has leant firmly in favour of the epigenetics theory. 

Epigenetics provides a lot of answers to complex questions including Lamarckian inheritance see  In Lamarckian inheritance we can learn from our environment and pass it on genetically but the Darwinian theory doesn’t allow much room for this.

Epigenetic’s plays a regulatory role in plant genetics as well through suppression or activation of genes, in human disease we are interested in the methyl group attachment to genes.

Genes can be activated or suppressed by certain behaviours that can lead to long healthy lives or disease, smoking, diet and activity are good examples. The biggest killers of humans are these three things 1. What we eat ( how much, the composition and how often)

2. Recreational habits – smoking and drugs being the worst. Alcohol Unknown-2consumption is increasing particularly amongst women so this is an increasing health problem.

3. Activity – I will emphasise that you do not need to join a gym to get enough activity but there is nothing wrong with doing so. Walking, gardening or other recreational forms of work around the house can do the same thing and a whole lot cheaper. Fifty years ago no-one went images-1to a gym for fitness, only serious sportsmen like weightlifters,wrestlers or boxers, not to be confused with boxercise went there to train, before boxing rings, boxing gloves and medicine balls were replaced  by leotards, mirrors and supplements.

Almost everyone worked hard in some manual form to get and stay fit. Nerds were still using slide rulers and waiting for calculators to be invented.

Everything necessary to achieve great health is still available in simple forms at low cost we have just forgotten where to look.

We impact on our genes rather than them impacting on us, it is not DNA but our behaviours that bring about our demise.

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