Evidence Based Medicine – Just How Scientific Are We?

Science And Evidence Based Medicine

We all talk about and claim we do it but do we. We have doctors of medicine (MBBS – MD) who claim they are friends of science. We have naturopaths (BNat-ND) who claim they only use scientific methods but do we? We have associations that claim they represent scientifically proven therapies. We have pharmaceutical companies that claim their drugs are scientifically proven to do what they claim. We have herbal and nutraceutical companies that claim they have scientifically proven their herbs and supplements do what they claim and of course we have regulators who watch over all this and have the power to take action to stop any false claims.

Do We Believe Them?

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Lifestyle Medicine Is An Investment In Health, Not A Cost

Lifestyle Medicine Is An Investment Not A Cost

Politicians do not understand the difference between spending and investment obviously or they would know that Lifestyle Medicine is a very sound investment in Australia’s future, in fact the world’s future. Every health budget in the western world is bulging at the seems because of debt. Sometimes politicians appear to be a few degrees short of qualifying as idiots because they continually spend money on treatment rather than prevention. Prevention gets almost zero funding while treatment gets the lion’s share, what or who could influence politicians to waste tax payers money like this.Continue reading

Today’s Lifestyle Medicine Walk

My lifestyle medicine walk today was interesting – 

As I walked (9.8kms) past some of the most beautiful scenery (at Eden) one could imagine on this beautiful Sapphire Coast of NSW, Australia I IMG_1233 (3)counted 10 joggers that were under 30 years of age, a couple in their mid thirties and a couple over 60 years, I wondered what they actually knew about what they were doing, jogging.

For instance until they finish menstruation (menopause) females have what academics call a jogging heart that effectively does exactly what jogging does for unfit people.Continue reading

Red Wine Gets Good News At Last

Red Wine Has Been Looking For Good News For Awhile And Here It Is

Unless you live on another planet or don’t read my posts then it will come as no surprise when I tell you I like red wine, particularly shiraz, cabinet sauvignon and some of the printcomp-1.aspxemerging reds from Italy etc. I like a few whites also such as viognier, once you get past the spelling the taste is great. This large research study came from the UK and was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition – http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2016/01/13/foods-that-prevent-erectile-dysfunction_n_8970910.html

Anthocyanidins are the protective agents and they are responsible for purple colouring in fruit and vegetables and of course they give the colour to red wine. Purple vegetables such as purple cabbage are very much under-utilised in Australian cooking as is Okinawa Purple Sweet Potato. I often use purple sweet potato and sapphire purple potato on my weber BBQ with fish and the obligatory glass of red wine or two. Whether you enjoy asian or western cooking or both you can find many interesting recipes on the net for red cabbage (or purple) and if you don’t want to lose that brilliant purple colour just add some vinegar to the cooking process.

Red Wine Confusion

You could write a book on this and it has never let up since the French Paradox  was discovered. With all the publicity given to doctor’s and their warnings about alcohol and cancers Australia’s red wine consumption is still growing so it has not impacted on this. I always remind myself of the mistakes in science when a bad study about red wine is published because we know the longest living, healthiest people all drink alcohol and doctors are not amongst a longevity cohort, they could easily be in the future if enough of them do the Master Of Clinical Science – Lifestyle Medicine degree.

Anthocyanidins are great anti-inflammatories

The people eating a traditional mediterranean diet have extremely low levels of inflammatory diseases and what a great way to reduce your inflammation, just a couple of glasses of red wine with a fatty fish and purple potato on a weber BBQ, yeah I can handle that.


The Pain In My Neck Is Killing Me

Serious Neck Pain Is Not Funny

If ever you have woken up with a serious neck pain it takes all the pleasure out of your plans for the day, what can you do when your neck pain hits you like lightning Unknown-2bolts every couple of seconds. You wonder how serious this is and if it is a muscle or is it something else. Severe pain severe doubt. Several muscle often work in tandem to create this horrible pain but the one that runs off the peri surface of the scapula up behind your ear is the muscle bad practitioners focus on, sure they will relieve your pain but it will be back in no-time at all because this muscle is the victim of a stronger muscle pulling on it. If you can imagine a tug o war between a sumo wrestler and a jockey you will understand how irritable the jockey will get when he tries everything in vain to win the contest.Continue reading

Life Springs Surprises

Life Springs Surprises

You have probably heard the saying life is what happens while you are making plans. This is very true. I know of many cases where people had been living badly and making images-2plans to retire and holiday and live happily ever after when life pulled a nasty surprise of it’s own, forever ending the happily ever after. In today’s world 70% of all doctor’s visits are lifestyle caused and so are hospital admittances.Continue reading