Can Your Lifestyle Change Your DNA?

Can DNA Be Changed BY Lifestyle?

What do we know or think we know so far about genetics and disease. We think we know that diseases like diabetes 2, coronary artery disease, a lot, if not all, cancers are driven images-1by inflammation, that is a low grade systemic inflammation not the inflammation that heals cuts and abrasions. When a gene is methylated it will be selected or  suppressed, so it will cause a disease or be stopped from causing a disease as in lung cancer. Smoking supplies chemicals that cause lung inflammation and over time lung cancer. Excessive calories cause metabolic syndrome and later type 2 diabetes. For decades the researchers were telling us that genetics, our inheritance, was the cause of most diseases. Continue reading

Are You A Flexitarian?

Flexitarians Are Everywhere

I was sitting in a local popular cafe surrounded by creative people, artists, hair dressers Unknown-1and beauticians and a draughtsman, whom I was talking to. I couldn’t help noticing how many Soy Lattes were being ordered and I wondered do they know soy causes flatulence,  Flatulence, or trousers cough  is not bad if you are aware of it (see how the mind works) reading

You Are Responsible For Your Health

The Responsibility For Your Health Lies With You

For far too long now we have been dancing around the firelight lacking the courage to state plain health facts. This is all part of the insanity called images-2political correctness (PC) that is infiltrating all aspects of our lives. Some readers may think I am an irrascible old man for this but it is only partly correct, I am also discombobulated (confused) by why it has been allowed to happen. Some comedians are now refuse to perform on University campuses because of too many areas of comment off limits. I am not talking about the use of strong negative language to such as blaming people for their poor outcomes but rather allowing the use of language that educates people and shows them there is hope for outcome reversal. Many people do not understand how their negative outcome has occurred and why. The medical literature continually dances around health outcomes such as obesity giving an impression that it can only be treated with drugs.Continue reading

Evidence Base-less Medicine

Evidence Base-less Medicine is Damaging Naturopaths Credibility.

Unfortunately I have to agree with a lot of the criticisms I read about Naturopaths here in Australia and America/Canada as well they use medicine with no evidence bas at all and they are encouraged to do so by their associations who often own colleges that teach this rubbish. We all make mistakes but we do not have to compound it by continuing down the same path after the mistake is uncovered. I have a Diploma in Homoeopathy which I have never used – I realised it was pseudoscience as soon as I commenced the Unknown-1course but I had paid up front. Edzard Ernst became the world’s first professor of complementary medicine at Westminster University, London- unfortunately he was forced to resign after he called Prince Charles a ‘Snake Oil Salesman’ for promoting homoeopathy. Continue reading