Eat Food,Not Too Much, Mainly Plants

When Michael Pollen said Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mainly Plants how many people jumped on board? These few words summed it up perfectly but we are still fighting over the perfect diet for mankind.

Unknown-1Michael Pollen is a Professor of Journalism at the University of California, Berkley, he is an American author, he wrote the Omnivore’s Dilemma, and he is a guest speaker.Continue reading

Diabesity On The Move Worldwide

Why Is Diabesity Going Global?

The common perception is that it is all because of America’s most famous exports, fast food outlets but the standard American diet (SAD) doesn’t seem to be much better. Elvis Presley said he loved peanut butter with jelly on top in a sandwich, Elvis left the building early. America, England, New Zealand and Australia all have extremely serious obesity problems, and there is not much difference between countries. China, India and most island countries are now experiencing this global disaster. As countries develop they leave their poverty stricken past behind to move into an obesogenic environment as the wealth seekers find new markets to place their deadly foods.Continue reading

Proven Natural Medicine Is Better – Naturally

Proven Natural Medicine Has To Be Better

This is a no brainer, how could scientifically proven natural medicine be anything but the best.Natural medicine has always struggled to get credible evidence up on the board and often they have blamed the system for doing research claiming Randomised Controlled Trials (RCT’s) images-1designed for the pharmaceutical companies drug trials only suit them. A lot of Naturopaths want to see ‘whole of practice’ trials implemented instead. RCT’s work well for powerful drugs but where a herb or nutrient is concerned the response is nowhere near as large so it often misses the small responses that take a lot longer to show.Continue reading

Metaflammation Could Be The New Germ Theory

Metaflammation Could Be The New Germ Theory

Prof Garry Egger has written these words on several occasions and it could easily be true. Garry has written about this in today’s MUnknown-1-1edical Unknown-2Observer. Metaflammation has multiple causes but if you can tame them you can solve the puzzle of chronic disease. Type 2 Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic disease and the new scourge of developing countries like China and India. Chronic diseases don’t have causes like acute infectious diseases they have determinants.Continue reading