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Lifestyle Medicine Is Your Future

Maximum lifespan for humans is probably around 120 years with Jean Calment being the only accurately documented case that exceeds this. Often IMG_1262people make erroneous claims about people living in remote mountain villages but they are not true, scientists have proven these claims fallacious. Eating a calorie restricted diet like the Okinawans do has been shown numerous times to increase the lifespan of different species. When the Tucson, Arizona biosphere was build it covered 3.14 acres, it was a dome or shield that enabled seven people including Dr Roy Walford researcher to supervise the diet and health of its occupants for 2 years. On a calorie restricted diet all markers of good health improved.Continue reading

Make Your Kilograms Disappear Into Thin Air

Can You Make Weight Disappear Into Thin Air?

That is exactly where it goes.

If you ask your doctor,naturopath, dietitian, sports coach or personal trainer IMG_1262you will be surprised to learn how little they know about where the fat mass goes, some will argue that it is ‘burned up as energy’ others will say it is converted into muscle but they are wrong.This burning up as energy probably comes from the old saying energy in energy out.We live in an obesogenic climate where tasty food is everywhere and we can afford to buy it. Marketing people target the most gullible, the kids. People eat food when they feel good, bad, want to party  or just want to catch up with friends, no longer do we eat to survive.Continue reading

Lifestyle Medicine Can Prevent 80% Of All Chronic Diseases

Lifestyle As Medicine Can Prevent 80% Of All Chronic Diseases – No Other Medicine Comes Close To This.

IMG_1262The biggest problem with lifestyle Medicine is how do you get the message across to people so they understand and can make sense of what they are being told. If you look at the healthiest, longest living people in the world, ‘ The Blue Zones’ – Okinawa An Isolated Japanese Island,  Sardinia, An Italian Island, Loma Linda, California, Nicoya Peninsula,An isolated Peninsula of Costa Rica, Ikaria, An Isolated Island Of Greece. These are the regions of the world where people live the longest and healthiest lives. If you read about them they have lots of things in common.Continue reading

Lifestyle Medicine Practitioners

The Birth Of Lifestyle Medicine In Australia

Lifestyle medicine, as a university degree commenced life in Australia in 2009 at Southern Cross University, Lismore. The Master of Clinical Science – Lifestyle Medicine was developed to address the chronic diseases, targeting diabetes mellitus 2 mainly.Continue reading

This Is Science Not Religion

Real Science Does Not Cherry Pick Research

There is so much bad science being used today to try to give credibility to products and ideas that it is easy to become overwhelmed if 4- are not a science post graduate. Over the last few days several high thumb-1.phpprofile people and websites have demonstrated they either do not understand science or they want to confuse the public, why would they do this? Well a sceptic might say there is a lot of money to be made by doing this. Do you Unknownremember the allegedly true joke about the pharmaceutical drug company salesman who informed a group of doctors that selling drugs cured malnutrition. He had them spellbound until he explained that by selling drugs he was able to feed his children. It is a job.Continue reading