Science Evolves Too

Nothing Stops Evolving Including Science

Researchers fervently inform us of every new finding in health with an IMG_1262impassioned plea for us to take it on board without question but how often is it wrong. Then of course we have the old guard that don’t want us to believe the new finding so they ‘muddy’ the water by introducing findings in the opposite direction, usually to protect their income source. Making money is an essential part of life and you can’t get far without it, but preventing disease should be a bigger part of life. Lying about health outcomes to make millions of dollars, as the tobacco companies did, is just plain wrong. Setting prices based on human needs is incorrigible, as the CEO of Mylan Pharmaceutical company is at present being charged. Experts have claimed that an epi-pen would probably cost less than $30 to make yet Mylan is charging $600 for a twin pack because people can’t do without them…they have about $1 worth of epinephrine and a syringe her company didn’t even make, they purchased it in 2007Continue reading

Neuromuscular Therapy/Myotherapy For Beginners

Massage: The Beginning

I never really wanted to do massage, I was never a person who enjoyed touching people unless it was real fast like in a boxing/karate ring, but I have to say I love Massage now. Growing up as a baby boomer I was IMG_1262influenced by a lot of academic/hippy/musical/creative/earthy/sporty people. I excelled at boxing and was told by good trainers that I could win major titles I reached unknownnumber three in the NSW Bantamweight rankings after defeating Norman ‘Sparrow’ Britton in a main bout in Goulburn 29/7/1964 he won the NSW Bantamweight title 6/4/1966, three years earlier I had been told by a legendary teacher ‘Ted’ O’Brien that I could achieve whatever I set out to achieve academically, this was also told to my parents. I had chosen my parents badly with dad taking a heart attack while I was finishing 6th class, he was only 43 years of age so University was off the radar at that time. For awhile boxing looked good until I learned from talking to two professionals that  they made no money in Australia, and there was obviously a risk of brain damage. I left high school in 1963 and tried working in Whiter’s Garage where I was paid the princely sum of four (4.00) pounds less one (1) shilling tax while my two friends Ron Doyle and Max Fulton were paid six (6) pounds ten (10) shillings and no tax at Fraser’s Garage, this was a huge difference in ’63. I lasted six weeks and left. I went to work at the Post Office, Post Master General’s Department (PMG) where I won a scholarship to IMG_1656-1study in Sydney as a Technician. I hated Sydney, I finished my degree near the top in the state but resigned when I knew I was going to spend my life working in Sydney, I had wasted 5years. I returned to Eden on the beautiful Sapphire Coast, where I tried working in sawmills, log falling, fishing before going to work at Heinz Fish Factory and from there I moved back into education, actually while I was working there.  My first sojourn back was into nutrition, first a certificate and then a Diploma of Nutritional Science. Nutrition resonated with me and I needed more. I commenced a Diploma of Naturopathy for the nutrition but first I had to complete a Diploma of Swedish Massage, the only diploma in Australia at that time. This 1981  diploma took 2 years full time and covered relaxation as well as remedial massage and I couldn’t believe the results I topped out of 700 students and at that stage didn’t even like it. I even taught massage for 3 years to students from the Eden/Merimbula/Bega area and surrounds, I was paid well for this. The now Professor of Southern Cross University Stephen Myers hired me for this position.Continue reading

Why Is The Water Always So Muddy?

How Do I Know If This Is True?

Followers of research such as myself always want to think that groups/Associations representing people are offering advice they believe to be accurate. When we were studying research at the highest levels IMG_1262(Masters/PhDs) we had to learn to critique research papers to see if they could be of value to our participating group. Could they be extrapolated to a wider group. Learning this is a study on it’s own. We often found papers written by high profile researchers had to be culled from our list of references because of flaws in methodology, selection of participants, robustness/validity (internal or external), measurements or something. Sometimes it is simply the funding that leads to the bias. Confounding bias is a problem for all researchers and we work hard to eliminate it, and this is why one paper is never enough to base a result on because of a chance bias missed. Funding bias or any income sourced bias makes researchers look more favourably in a their direction.
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People Must Take Responsibility For Their Own Health

Prevention Is The Only Thing That Can Save The Budget

In 2009 – 2010 Australia paid $121.4 billion and it has risen from 7.9% to 9.4% as a IMG_1262proportion of all spending on goods and services over the past decade. This is less than the USA (17.4%), slightly less than the UK (9.8%), NZ (10.3%), Canada (11.4%) and close to the OECD median of (9.8%)  

 How long can this go on? Medicine is a fertile field for mining with pharmaceutical companies educating 51D-51fm+bL-1._SX341_BO1,204,203,200_doctors about drug preferences. In general they exercise to much control over much of medicine.. read ‘Bad Pharma’ by Dr Ben Goldacre who has led a campaign to bring pharmaceutical companies out of their hiding places and under the spotlight. The creation of ‘new’ diseases such as menopause, since when was a life stage a disease. Obesity is also now a disease and last week an Australian diabetes specialist claimed he had never seen a patient lose weight. What this specialist is basically saying is that calorie deprivation doesn’t work or people are to undisciplined to stick to less calories even when they know it can save their lives.Continue reading

The Best Medicine Is Prevention

The Best Medicine Is Prevention

Who in their right mind could argue with this? The safest way to IMG_1262treat disease is with a natural intervention, who could argue with this? The cheapest most cost effective way to treat disease is by teaching people to do it themselves, who could argue with this? The best and safest medicine is proven(evidence based) natural medicine, who could argue with this? If food gives the same result as a drug it is medicine, who could argue with this? If exercise gives the same result as a drug it is medicine, who could argue with this? If meditation gives the same result as a drug it is medicine, who could argue with this?If eliminating causes of causes works better than any drug it is medicine, who could argue with this?

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Alcohol And Anchovy

Acciaroli Is An Italian Village Between The Mountains And The Sea Population 2000 – Centenarians 300 With 60 Of Them 110

Scientists have always wondered why some people live longer than others and IMG_1262suffer a lot less diseases of ageing. Pockets of populations keep popping up all around the world where centenarians have properly documented proof of birth and remain healthy.In the past couple of weeks a claim has been made for an Indonesian man as the longest lived person ever but so far it is unsubstantiated, they claim he was 145 years. If his age can be independently verified it will break the current world record by 23 years. Jeanne Calment died in 1997 at the age of 122 years. Small towns, villages and Islands have produced these long lived areas now referred to as ‘Blue Zones’. Acciaroli is a small village in the south of Italy not far from Naples and it has a population of only 2000 people with 300 of them over 100 years and 20% of the centenarians (60) 110 years old, the scientists said.Continue reading