First Nobel Prize Winner For Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine Is Gaining Credibility

2015 Nobel Prize winner for medicine was Tu Youyou a Traditional Chinese Medicine Researcher from the China Academy of Chinese Medicine Science in Beijing. When Professor Tu Youyou went to university there was no post graduate courses in China so after finishing her Bachelor Degree in Pharmacology she studied Traditional Chinese Medicine for two and a half (2.5) years. Tu Youyou is the first Chinese woman to win a Nobel Prize. In China she is being called the Three (3) Noes Winner – No medical degree – No PhD and never worked overseas but her research into Artemisinin extracted from Wormwood has saved millions of lives from Malaria… reading

Lifestyle Medicine Is Not Complementary Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine Is Mainstream Medicine

Frequently I hear people say this is part of complementary medicine, but it is not. In fact it is far from it. Naturopathy is the highest qualification taught in natural medicine colleges. Legislation was passed here in Australia to grant the colleges the right to teach to Bachelor of Naturopathy in 1995. After reaching the Government’s Bachelor standard they were accredited to teach to this level. After eleven (11) years no-one has forced Naturopaths to complete a Bachelor of Naturopathy (BNat), in fact they are told by their association (ATMS) that the minimum standard of education is all that is required and that is a Diploma of Naturopathy. No criticism of this qualification is intended, it is a good Diploma and Naturopaths are well trained in prevention without any type of pills. All other health practitioners entering professional practice enter after completing an undergraduate degree, a Bachelor Degree. Naturopaths should also be required to do this because they are primary practitioners. Now the difference.

Lifestyle Medicine Practitioners can enter the course from any health discipline with a Bachelor Degree whether they are registered as (GP’s,BPharm etc), allied health or degree qualified Naturopaths or Herbalists. But this does not guarantee you will pass it, it is tough, as it should be.

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Sugar Pills Deliver More Than Sugar

No-Medicine Pills

Sugar Pills or Dummy Pills, No-Medicine Pills, whatever you want to call them IMG_1262have been around a very long time and they never cease to amaze me. There is nothing in them that could offer a curative benefit, but it has been proven that they do offer a cure in circumstances you would not believe, and even when the patient has had it explained to them that there is nothing in the pills that could help. There is no identifiable difference and yet it works. Some forms of medicine have always been known as ‘sham medicine’ such as Homoeopathy, at best it is nothing more than a glass of water, at worst it is a deceitful attempt to trick patients out of their money whilst knowing you are doing this. Although this might be unfair because the homoeopaths do not believe this although the evidence is overwhelming. Just as the ‘Medicine Men’ of Africa deliver their medicine with great theatre so do the homoeopaths.Continue reading