Lifestyle Medicine Can Save The World’s Health Budgets

Lifestyle Medicine Will Be The Saviour Of Health Budgets World Wide

In every developed country you look at you will find a health budget in tatters, utterly destroyed by governments lack of direction. Money is thrown at pharmaceutical companies, universities and anything else that is developing treatments for diseases, but the section of health that could reduce suffering and government expenditure the most practically goes unnoticed.

Currently it is acknowledged that 70% of the worlds diseases are lifestyle diseases, not communicable, bacterial or virus and yet this is where the lion’s share of the money goes. Politicians claim to be clever and working in the best interest of their country but their actions suggest otherwise. 

Prevention and reversal is the hall mark of lifestyle medicine. Lifestyle Medicine is the fastest growing branch of mainstream medicine because of it’s pragmatic approach to dealing with disease. If the evidence does not support an intervention then it is not used.
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Why Smart People Believe Dumb Things

Dumb Things That Smart People Believe

I have always been fascinated by this, and believe me some of the smartest people believe the dumbest things.This is not something that has suddenly started to appear because it has been around for ever. Dr Edzard Ernst started his career in health as a Homoeopath and believed it worked until he became a medical doctor and a doctor of science,a PhD. Dr Ernst had been fooled by science sounding words. Dr Edzard Ernst and Simon Singh, a particle physicist wrote the book ‘Trick or Treatment’ about applying science to complementary medicines.Dr Ben Goldacre lectures medical doctors about falling for dumb science, and in his book ‘Bad Science’ he claims nutritionists are the worst because they know good science but refuse to use it.They push poorly researched diets and pills instead.I remember walking with a doctor of Entomology (PhD) from South Australia when he shocked me by saying he thought Iridology might be a good diagnostic tool. Iridology has been studied and found to be no better than chance. I know several PhDs that think homoeopathy works…how…how tell me…there is not even a molecule of the original substance left in the mixture and forget that rubbish about water having memory.This is the opposite of everything we learned in science. When you dilute a substance it gets weaker not stronger.

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