Old Ways Were The Best Ways

Hard Life – Long Life

When Captain Arthur Phillip sailed into Botany Bay on January 16 th and 18th 1788 with the first fleet  of 11 ships and approximately 1350 people  he found it unsuitable for settlement so 26th January 1788 they sailed further around to Camp Cove, known as Cardi to the Cardigal people. Captain Phillip was under instruction to establish a British Colony in Australia but they were poorly prepared for the poor soils they found to establish their farms, they had to trade food with the Aboriginals to survive. The second fleet known as the ‘death fleet’ arrived in 1790 with badly needed food and supplies. 278 of the convicts and crew died on this voyage compared to only 48 on the first fleet. The new fleet arrived with the occupants very ill, many near death, so they weren’t much use to the settlement..http://www.australia.gov.au/about-australia/australian-story/european-discovery-and-colonisation

With four men to every woman many problems and conflicts arose within the settlement, it remained like this for  many years.Continue reading

Lifestyle: The Silent Killer

Killed Prematurely By Their Lifestyle

I am here for a good time not a long time is the motto a lot of Australians seem to be saying, as they over eat for taste, drink for euphoria, smoke dope and cigarettes  because they think they are bullet proof, and stupidly think they can jog it off tomorrow. They are truly temporary Australians..here today and gone tomorrow. Since 1950 or thereabouts scientists have known that we can prevent more than 80% of our chronic, killer diseases. Why don’t people engage in this preventive lifestyle? That is an interesting question but in this ‘Lifestyle Medicine Clinic’ it is hard to have an adult conversation about health. People 30>40 kgs over weight think they have the answers, they simply have a problem with not being able to get enough exercise…they have been brainwashed by gym owners into believing this problem will go away if they work harder in a gym. This belief is supported by shows like the biggest loser. It is not what you burn up as much as it is what you put in your mouth.Continue reading

Naturopaths Should Be Leading The Way

When I See Real Research On Vitamins

I always look to see which Naturopaths have been involved in the research, and you know it is rare to see an Australian Naturopath doing randomised controlled trials or literature reviews of randomised controlled trials. This is very sad because a lot of them could easily do what I did, a Master’s Degree in Research. Australian Naturopaths depend to much on industry brain washing, as doctors depend to much on pharmaceutical brain washing. Quite a few Naturopaths are doing some qualitative research but I would like to see them doing quantitative research. A lot of medical doctors get a masters degree and plunge into the research and I guess it only a matter of time before Naturopaths do the same. A perfect forum for them to begin research has been provided by the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine now funding the lifestyle medicine degrees at Southern Cross University.Continue reading

They Don’t Join Gyms, Run or Swim Marathons,Diet or Listen to Doctors

Introducing the World’s Longest Lived People

In Sardinia this Wednesday Consolata Melis turned 105 years old, she is the oldest of 9 surviving siblings, there are no deceased family members and between them their years on earth add up to 818 years a guinness record. Consolata (105), Claudia (99), Maria (97), Antonio (93), Concetta (91), Adolfo (89), Vitalio (86), Vitalia (81) and Mafalda (78). Claudia’s doctor offered some medicine and she replied “Take your medicine away, all that is wrong with me is old age and medicine can’t cure it”

Consolata had very little schooling and speaks in the Sardinian dialect. Consolata said when she was young they had to wash the clothes in the river, today her daughters have washing machines,she said “When I hear the word stress, I am confused and don’t know what they are talking about”. When asked about the secret of her longevity she said make love every Sunday.Continue reading