I Want You To Prevent It Not Just Treat It

New Diet Is Flavour Of The Month

I am over it, people won’t listen to someone that has spent a lifetime studying how to achieve healthy outcomes without medication/natural as well, yet they will listen to someone that hasn’t even walked through a university campus. Yesterday I learned about an egg and water diet, continuously people sing the praises of some bootcamp style gym program. The only diets some people are not interested in are the well researched diets. Advertising is everywhere today, just look for something sensible on Dr Google and watch the advertising leap out of the screen at you. The internet is the largest forum for misinformation found anywhere today but while the bulk of the population will tell you they know this, they continually fall victim to it. This proves they do not understand real from fake.Continue reading

A Lifetime In Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine Arrived Recently

The new branch of medicine called Lifestyle Medicine only came into existence, in Australia in 2009, but even though it had not been named yet, it was what I had dedicated my life to. One branch of my father’s lineage had very short lifespans, mid 60’s or earlier. It wasn’t all bad because his mother’s side frequently went into their mid 90’s. My mother’s side was very strong with gran’s family tree showing very long lives, up to 102. Grandfather’s wasn’t bad either with family members consistently living from mid eighties to 92. Dad was sick from an early age, heart attack at 43 so I did not want to chance it, I studied everything I felt could influence lifespan. I was never a believer in genetics so now epigenetics has burst onto the scene I feel vindicated.Continue reading