Lifestyle Medicine Is Evidence Based Medicine

Naturopathy Is Not Lifestyle Medicine

Naturopaths use a much lower level of evidence than lifestyle medicine practitioners. In fact all complementary medicine uses a much lower level of evidence. Allied Health Practitioners are not lifestyle medicine practitioners. All of these practitioners can become lifestyle medicine practitioners but they have to do the post graduate courses first. Naturopaths are often defined by the medicine they use, in the public eye, but this is clearly wrong.

Lifestyle Medicine is a stand alone discipline. Lifestyle Medicine is a discipline defined by evidence based post graduate courses and research. It is rapidly becoming one of the major mainstream medicine disciplines world wide. Diseases are reversed by using minimalistic interventions, prevention will play a major role in healthcare.

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If It Were Easy To Achieve Then Everyone Would Live To 100

Centenarians Are doubling Every Decade

Their numbers are doubling every decade but they are still rare and that is why we are fascinated when we find one. We always ask them how they achieved this goal but is there any accuracy in what they tell us. Longitudinal studies are cheap relatively to do compared to randomised controlled trials (RCTs) but we can usually say RCTs are accurate if they have followed the rules for methodology, participants and measured the right thing. We can’t assume longitudinal studies prove anything other than an association between two things. Part of the reason for this is because we are often asking people what they ate or did many years ago. There are also a lot of other things that haven’t been measured that might account for the benefit we are interested in. When we ask a centenarian to remember his/her eating habits or lifestyle habits we are hoping that he/she can remember, but we can never be sure.Continue reading