We Take Our Own Chances And Pay Our Own Dues

Life Was Summed Up Perfectly With This Line

Kristofferson wrote many words of wisdom in his songs, but none with a greater application than this line from ‘The Silver Tongued Devil And I’. Everywhere you look in life this jumps out at you.Today almost seventy percent of people attending a medical practitioners clinic is there because of their lifestyle. I am reading the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari which traces the evolution of our human lineage. Homo Sapien means wise man, but there has been nothing wise about a lot of our decisions. Even abandoning foraging in favour of farming proved to be a bad decision in a lot of ways. Foragers had a much larger ranger of food in their diets. They reproduced every three to four years unlike farmers who reproduced yearly or close. Farmers ushered in the transfer of disease from animal to human. Foragers collected all the food they needed in a few hours whereas farmers work their butts off tilling, weeding, harvesting etc and they are still at the mercy of the seasons. Europeans were amazed at the small amount of time required by our first nation to collect all the food they required. It was a great life.Continue reading

When Humans Separated From Biology

When The Third Primate Separated From Biology

Of course as we all know Homo Sapiens can not leave their genus but they can leave biological habits, and adopt artificial habits, as we have done. From the moment our ancestors commenced life on earth they were foragers, even today primates, our cousins, are still foraging for their food. We were tree foragers and then when we left the trees and started to walk on the African savanna as Homo Erectus (Upright Man) we still foraged and this went on for nearly two million years. About 6 million years a chimpanzee gave birth to twins, one was a normal chimp and the other became our grandmother, long before history started there were human (homo) ancestors, and they all foraged for food.About 200,000 years ago the cognitive age commenced, homo sapiens (Wise Man) emerged and somehow got rid of his more muscular, more robust rival with the same sized brain homo Neanderthalensis, from the Neander Valley, commonly referred to as Neanderthals. One on one they could not beat a Neanderthal but scientist think working in groups they were able to drive them to starvation, no mass killings have been found. Homo Sapiens kept on foraging.Continue reading