A Lifetime In Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine Arrived Recently

The new branch of medicine called Lifestyle Medicine only came into existence, in Australia in 2009, but even though it had not been named yet, it was what I had dedicated my life to. One branch of my father’s lineage had very short lifespans, mid 60’s or earlier. It wasn’t all bad because his mother’s side frequently went into their mid 90’s. My mother’s side was very strong with gran’s family tree showing very long lives, up to 102. Grandfather’s wasn’t bad either with family members consistently living from mid eighties to 92. Dad was sick from an early age, heart attack at 43 so I did not want to chance it, I studied everything I felt could influence lifespan. I was never a believer in genetics so now epigenetics has burst onto the scene I feel vindicated.

Our Current Health Maze

The internet today, and every other avenue of media is awash with false claims. There is more mistruths, pseudo science around today than ever before. Evidence Based Medicine has been replaced by Evidence Baseless Medicine and customers are falling for it left right and centre. Making money now seems to be the number one goal, perhaps it always was and I just didn’t see it. Celebrity advertising has sold more quack products than any charlatan could. Even our doctors seem confused about the value of prevention and what can be achieved. I know of a case where a fellow weighing 130 kgs and standing 1.75m tall was hospitalised with, previously undiagnosed type 2 diabetes. He was suffering from excessive blood sugar that couldn’t be stabilised quickly, it took a three week hospital stay to get it under control. He was prescribed Metformin and placed on the treadmill of treatment/education. Under the guidance of his diabetes educator he lost 30 kilograms, which he had told me 10 years before he was not prepared to do. The diabetes educator could not get him to do any exercise, he hates getting sweaty. After losing 30 kilos his diabetes was under control, with the help of his Metformin medication and his doctored diabetes educator  said they were happy. He need only see his doctor every three months and his doctor every twelve months. This is confusing, he is still obese (BMI 32.7) and good research shows that the risk of disease begins at a BMI of 25 unless you are a muscled up sportsperson. I did a Masters by research on type 2 diabetes at Southern Cross University. He is on a lifelong treatment treadmill and he will have medical problems.

What Is The Answer

Plain and simple the answer is don’t depend on your doctor/naturopath/diabetes educator/nutritionist or anyone else. You must learn about your own health. Prevent it by utilising a healthy lifestyle and mindset and you won’t have to reverse it. If you do need reversal for a weight gain related disease it definitely can be achieved. This is precisely what my research (RCT Literature Review) showed. Diet (correct eating) as the sole intervention can reverse weight gain but exercise is great for toning muscles and organs. Everyone should feel hunger pains (ghrelin) occasionally if only to see if the body is working as it should …………https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17212793.  


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Psychology, Homoeopathy(Never Used),Herbal Medicine, Nutrition(HSA)
Swedish and Remedial Massage 1983,Homoeopathy 1993(Never Used), Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Science 1981, Naturopathy 1991(HSA)
Bachelor of Naturopathy 2003 (NIHS)
Master of Clinical Science - Lifestyle Medicine 2013 Southern Cross University (SCU).
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Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)
Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)
Australian Register Of Naturopaths And Herbalists (ARONAH)
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