About The Science

When you look around the world at the places where people live the longest,healthiest lives (Blue Zones) several things stand out. One of the most striking is that money can’t buy you health, America spends a fortune on health but still comes in about 35th in the longevity stakes , ave lifespan from birth 77.6 years.Despite paying out more money for health than any other country the USA has ranked last amongst the developed countries in 2014, 2010, 2007, 2006, 2004. The USA also ranks last or near last in access,efficiency and equity. Japan on the other hand spends little on health and is running first in the longevity stakes with women living on average to 87.3 and men 85.0, so what makes the difference. Looking at hard science can confuse even people with high degrees and trained in using science so it is best to look at results and then let the scientists work out why it happened. From the science we think inflammation plays a major role, it certainly does in chronic disease. Pathogens ie any disease producing micro-organism usually bacteria or virus but there are other micro-organisms that can cause death in humans.

We also have to take into account the very recent research on human micro biome project¬†http://www.hmpdacc.org/ and Catalyst Gut Reaction Part 1&2 and Martin J Blaser’s book ‘Missing Microbes’. Humans and their ancestors have lived with microbes since their beginning and 90 per cent of all of the cells in the human body belong to microbes with humans only owning 10 per cent, so we are really only a conduit for microbes.

If you owned a ninety per cent share in a business and someone else owned 10 per cent would you let them give the orders on how to run the business, I suspect it is the same with the microbes.