Another Silly Season Over – And I Survived

This Silly (Busy) Season Is Over

In Eden on the magnificent Sapphire Coast we all look forward to the summer holidays, the busiest time of the year, and true to form this one was no different. This season was similar to all of the past 18 years. Every summer I see a lot of people returning to the clinic for their yearly tune up, this time there were few easy ones. I am glad to see it slowing down, remedial massage is hard work.

Many Victorians that returned to this clinic have done so for more than fifteen years, often they have tried various forms of therapy and anti-inflammatories unsuccessfully. It is always enjoyable being able to help people in genuine need of help. My MClinSc – Lifestyle Medicine degree also was put to good use, with more people needing help in this area. Remedial massage as usual was the most in demand with a lot of chronic problems as well as quite a few newly acquired, usually by a mum or dad trying to outdo or keep up with junior. This is very hard to do once you let your fitness go. Mentally we are always up to it but physically….unfortunately no, and this is where the problems kick in. As usual I finished more sore than most of the patients. Sometimes I wish I had never studied to be a researcher, it would make it so easy if you could sell ‘snake oil’ but unfortunately my training taught me to only use evidence based medicine, and I know almost all of the natural medicine has failed when properly tested. There will be a lot more disqualified in the near future when the tests are done. So many nice families come to Eden for their summer holidays we don’t like to see them go home, but all good things come to an end.

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Massage Is A Wonderful Therapy

Massage Gives Incredible Results

When I first decided to learn natural therapies and become a practitioner I thought I would skip massage, because it is only a polish. How wrong was this thinking? The results and joy fixing aching body parts can only be appreciated when you hear people express their gratitude for the relief you have given them. Massage started from very humble beginnings, every child rubs a part of their body that they have just hurt, trying to rub the pain away.That is as I thought of it a very lightweight therapy just for relaxation..Continue reading

You Are What You Practice

But What Is It You Practice

By John Bobbin BNat, MClinSc – Lifestyle Medicine Southern Cross University, Founding Member Australasian Society Of Lifestyle Medicine.

Having a strong love of science, health and sport and wanting to put it all together in a clinical practice, where do you start? There is no clinical discipline that adequately covers this. Medicine practices very little prevention because they are poorly trained in nutrition. Scientists know a lot about research but not much about nutrition. Gardeners know a lot about growing healthy vegetables, but not much about about disease. Naturopaths know a lot about exercise, food, clean air and water but they are more like a religion than a science. Sporting scientists know a lot about sport but not much about treating patients. What was needed was a discipline that covered all of this in a clinical setting.Continue reading

Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Reversed Potentially

Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Reversed Potentially

By John Bobbin BNat(NIHS)MClinSc-Lifestyle Medicine (SCU) – ASLM

Yesterday I had a debate, I enjoy debates, with a person suffering type 2 diabetes for the past 15 years. This person is a registered nurse and what I was told disturbed me quite a bit. The person said they were being treated by one of the best specialists in Canberra for this problem. This person had been told that no matter what they had done they could not have avoided type two diabetes because it was inherited. The person’s mother and grandmother had suffered from type 2 diabetes so it was inherited, they were put straight onto metformin and this worked for a few years, other drugs are being used now. No lifestyle intervention has been suggested by either the doctor or the specialist, according to this sufferer. This is wrong.Continue reading

I Never Thought I Would One Day Be Here

Where Does This Journey End?

I can never remember a time that I was not interested in nutrition. My mother and her family always spoke about eating good wholesome food. Gran used to say “Eat a good breakfast and make sure it is food that will stick to your ribs”. Dad/Mum and Gran always had a large vegetable garden, and they always had several fruit trees. I was always amazed at what they could grow in Cooma with it’s temperature extremes. Once I was old enough to buy a car and pass my test for a drivers licence I visited Gran a lot more often, and she could always be found working in the garden. As kids we were expected to work in the vegetable garden to grow the families food. I always enjoyed gardening. Dad suffered a heart attack at 43 years of age and was put on a pension so growing our own food took on a lot more importance.Continue reading

We Take Our Own Chances And Pay Our Own Dues

Life Was Summed Up Perfectly With This Line

Kristofferson wrote many words of wisdom in his songs, but none with a greater application than this line from ‘The Silver Tongued Devil And I’. Everywhere you look in life this jumps out at you.Today almost seventy percent of people attending a medical practitioners clinic is there because of their lifestyle. I am reading the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari which traces the evolution of our human lineage. Homo Sapien means wise man, but there has been nothing wise about a lot of our decisions. Even abandoning foraging in favour of farming proved to be a bad decision in a lot of ways. Foragers had a much larger ranger of food in their diets. They reproduced every three to four years unlike farmers who reproduced yearly or close. Farmers ushered in the transfer of disease from animal to human. Foragers collected all the food they needed in a few hours whereas farmers work their butts off tilling, weeding, harvesting etc and they are still at the mercy of the seasons. Europeans were amazed at the small amount of time required by our first nation to collect all the food they required. It was a great life.Continue reading

When Humans Separated From Biology

When The Third Primate Separated From Biology

Of course as we all know Homo Sapiens can not leave their genus but they can leave biological habits, and adopt artificial habits, as we have done. From the moment our ancestors commenced life on earth they were foragers, even today primates, our cousins, are still foraging for their food. We were tree foragers and then when we left the trees and started to walk on the African savanna as Homo Erectus (Upright Man) we still foraged and this went on for nearly two million years. About 6 million years a chimpanzee gave birth to twins, one was a normal chimp and the other became our grandmother, long before history started there were human (homo) ancestors, and they all foraged for food.About 200,000 years ago the cognitive age commenced, homo sapiens (Wise Man) emerged and somehow got rid of his more muscular, more robust rival with the same sized brain homo Neanderthalensis, from the Neander Valley, commonly referred to as Neanderthals. One on one they could not beat a Neanderthal but scientist think working in groups they were able to drive them to starvation, no mass killings have been found. Homo Sapiens kept on foraging.Continue reading

Lifestyle Medicine Is Evidence Based Medicine

Naturopathy Is Not Lifestyle Medicine

Naturopaths use a much lower level of evidence than lifestyle medicine practitioners. In fact all complementary medicine uses a much lower level of evidence. Allied Health Practitioners are not lifestyle medicine practitioners. All of these practitioners can become lifestyle medicine practitioners but they have to do the post graduate courses first. Naturopaths are often defined by the medicine they use, in the public eye, but this is clearly wrong.

Lifestyle Medicine is a stand alone discipline. Lifestyle Medicine is a discipline defined by evidence based post graduate courses and research. It is rapidly becoming one of the major mainstream medicine disciplines world wide. Diseases are reversed by using minimalistic interventions, prevention will play a major role in healthcare.

Continue reading

If It Were Easy To Achieve Then Everyone Would Live To 100

Centenarians Are doubling Every Decade

Their numbers are doubling every decade but they are still rare and that is why we are fascinated when we find one. We always ask them how they achieved this goal but is there any accuracy in what they tell us. Longitudinal studies are cheap relatively to do compared to randomised controlled trials (RCTs) but we can usually say RCTs are accurate if they have followed the rules for methodology, participants and measured the right thing. We can’t assume longitudinal studies prove anything other than an association between two things. Part of the reason for this is because we are often asking people what they ate or did many years ago. There are also a lot of other things that haven’t been measured that might account for the benefit we are interested in. When we ask a centenarian to remember his/her eating habits or lifestyle habits we are hoping that he/she can remember, but we can never be sure.Continue reading