Life Is Short, Don’t Run So Fast You Miss It

Life Is Short, Don’t Run So Fast You Miss It

In today’s fast paced world everything happens so fast  people have little IMG_1262time left for anything other than work, in fact a large number stay in contact with work while they are on holidays.Their lives are all about making money. This is the modern, images-2developed world where people are expected to work,eat,sleep and work some more. This is so damaging to health. When the Europeans discovered Australia they often remarked about the amount of leisure time the native aboriginals had to lie around, laughing, talking and playing while still finding enough time for hunting and gathering. They did not understand how simple and efficiently the aboriginals lived their lives, no hurry no stress.Continue reading

Junk Food?-Is It Junk Or Is It Food?

Junk Food Is A Nonsense

It is either one or the other it can’t be both. If it is junk dump it don’t eat it the consequences are to great and often you won’t know it is hurting you until it IMG_1262is to late, you have a heart attack, stroke  or IMG_1676-1diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or one of the many cancers now being linked to junk food (highly processed food). Remember any extra work that modifies natural food is processing, even cooking. Some foods have to be modified to make them more palatable but stick to the minimum and if you are reading food labels and you can’t understand the words they use leave it and buy something else. Fruit and vegetables should be your staple anyway.Continue reading

Stop The Over Reaction Now

Over-reaction of Body Systems Has To Be Cooled

Many over-reactions take place throughout the body causing much pain IMG_1262and anxiety as well as serious diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Depression, Asthma, Allergies, Crohns, Irritable Bowel  and many more.Research over the last few years in the Human Gut project has the researchers very excited as new ways to effectively damper these over-reactions have been discovered. For many years medical practitioners have depended on antibiotics to kill disease causing bacteria. Germ theory has served us well bringing a lot of previously untreatable diseases under control. But now we find that while we have been bombing out the bad germs we have also been bombing out the good ones.Continue reading

Education And Lifestyle Medicine

Education First

I live in a small but beautiful backwater where bright kids go off to IMG_1262university and never return, some of the others get apprenticeships or move into similar jobs images-1-1to their parents. There is nothing wrong with this it is happening all over the world in small towns. But it leaves an academic void in the community, in fact a lot  of people don’t understand anything about education once it leaves secondary school. As most people, if not all, would know in Australia we have infants, primary and secondary school which stops at year twelve and tertiary education begins. In 2007 there were 43 universities in Australia offering higher education and a lot of Technical and Further Education (TAFE)  teaching short courses from certificate IMG_1624 (1)-11,2,3,4, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and occasionally higher education courses. Australia also has Registered Training Organisations (RTO), there are more than 1100 of these in Victoria alone. Higher Education has changed a lot since I left school in 1962, back then only 5% of kids could afford a university education. We joking called them ‘Toffee Noses’ from rich families and as you can clearly see from our first year photo no-one looked much like a Toffee Nose.Continue reading

Bug…ger Me

There Are Bugs Everywhere

Bugs,microbes whatever you want to call them have taken over our bodies and running it to suit themselves. This is like a Star Trek Movie… IMG_1262what next? We are only a termite nest…a beehive with ninety percent (90%) of the occupants unknown to us, unlike Star Trek with it’s reality distortion field this is reality, scientists have proven it. We only control ten percent (10%) of the microbes living inside us. This does not mean we should be alarmed at having 90% doing their own thing. Quite the opposite this is a new frontier for understanding/treating/preventing disease.Continue reading

Eden Massage

Eden Massage was started in Eden by Mandy Douch in the late 1980’s, she then married Chris Hodgkinson and it retained the name Eden Massage. I purchased the clinic 1/5/2000 and closed up my Bega Clinic and moved John Bobbin Natural Medicine into here. I had qualifications in IMG_1262Nutritional Science and Naturopathic Medicine to add to my qualifications of Swedish (relaxation) and Remedial Massage. For the next few years I studied images-1sporting massage, trigger point massage and finally Leon Chaitow’s Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT). I then practiced for the several years until I was satisfied I had mastered massage, I also completed a Bachelor of Naturopathy in 2003 and then in 2010 I went back to Southern Cross University to graduate with a Master of Clinical Science, the second highest degree in the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) after PhD.
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Ruminating Is Good For Cows

I have just completed a beautiful, peaceful 10 km walk. No mental chatter, multitasking or whatever you want to call it, just a peaceful mindful walk through some of the most IMG_1262beautiful natural beauty to ever evolve on this planet. The Sapphire Coast of NSW is certainly the jewel in the crown. If you are attracted to wild craggy beauty such as cliffs we have them, if it is the powerful seething anger of the beautiful unrestrained IMG_0016ocean we have it as well or the magnificent clean waves rushing over the sandbars to shore, we have it all framed by the tranquility of the bush.The walk starts in total darkness and moves into an eerie light as daylight opens the day and explodes into a majestic sunrise with nature, the artist, displaying a full palate of colours.Continue reading

What You Don’t Know WILL Hurt You

The old saying ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you’ has been disproved so many times it is surprising that anyone still believes it. Eating large amounts of fatty meats, eating large amounts of sugary foods, highly preserved foods such as IMG_1262Delicatessen meats,or cured meats such as salami, hot dogs, bacon all have to be eaten in moderation. Vegetables can be eaten in large quantities and they recommend about 4 serves of fruit daily. Fast proteins like fish or seafoods or whey are more forgiving than other meats, especially for weight loss. Working night shifts increases your inflammation load because of disruption to the circadian rhythm, new research last week suggests that living in a city where you never see the milky way because of artificial illumination may be killing us.Continue reading

Stress Is Not A Dirty Word

Adaptation,Distress And Eustress

When Dr Hans Selye MD published his book the stress of life (1978) he did not IMG_1262have a clue about the can of worms he had just opened. Selye originally called stress ‘General Adaptive Syndrome’ (GAS) and people have misused and abused what was originally meant by General Adaptive Syndrome. After researching stress from 1978 onwards it is clear now that most people are totally confused about what it is. Everyday in any book store you can find any number of articles written about the subject that will confuse you.
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The Best Way To Forecast The Future Is To Write It Yourself

Lifestyle Medicine Is Your Future

Maximum lifespan for humans is probably around 120 years with Jean Calment being the only accurately documented case that exceeds this. Often IMG_1262people make erroneous claims about people living in remote mountain villages but they are not true, scientists have proven these claims fallacious. Eating a calorie restricted diet like the Okinawans do has been shown numerous times to increase the lifespan of different species. When the Tucson, Arizona biosphere was build it covered 3.14 acres, it was a dome or shield that enabled seven people including Dr Roy Walford researcher to supervise the diet and health of its occupants for 2 years. On a calorie restricted diet all markers of good health improved.Continue reading