The Body Mechanic

College Graduation

After completing a diploma in Swedish Massage, the original and only IMG_1262qualification in Australia in this field until the early 1990’s. They divided the course into two parts after this to make more money from them. After completing this prestigious qualification the practitioner has an expectation of being able to solve great health problems, it is, after all, an academic elevation of five levels (5) of increased img_1906difficulty after year twelve (12) high school see Australian Qualification Framework

A lot of graduates will do some paid or volunteer work with sporting clubs, I did some with a Tennis Club.
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Neuromuscular Therapy/Myotherapy For Beginners

Massage: The Beginning

I never really wanted to do massage, I was never a person who enjoyed touching people unless it was real fast like in a boxing/karate ring, but I have to say I love Massage now. Growing up as a baby boomer I was IMG_1262influenced by a lot of academic/hippy/musical/creative/earthy/sporty people. I excelled at boxing and was told by good trainers that I could win major titles I reached unknownnumber three in the NSW Bantamweight rankings after defeating Norman ‘Sparrow’ Britton in a main bout in Goulburn 29/7/1964 he won the NSW Bantamweight title 6/4/1966, three years earlier I had been told by a legendary teacher ‘Ted’ O’Brien that I could achieve whatever I set out to achieve academically, this was also told to my parents. I had chosen my parents badly with dad taking a heart attack while I was finishing 6th class, he was only 43 years of age so University was off the radar at that time. For awhile boxing looked good until I learned from talking to two professionals that  they made no money in Australia, and there was obviously a risk of brain damage. I left high school in 1963 and tried working in Whiter’s Garage where I was paid the princely sum of four (4.00) pounds less one (1) shilling tax while my two friends Ron Doyle and Max Fulton were paid six (6) pounds ten (10) shillings and no tax at Fraser’s Garage, this was a huge difference in ’63. I lasted six weeks and left. I went to work at the Post Office, Post Master General’s Department (PMG) where I won a scholarship to IMG_1656-1study in Sydney as a Technician. I hated Sydney, I finished my degree near the top in the state but resigned when I knew I was going to spend my life working in Sydney, I had wasted 5years. I returned to Eden on the beautiful Sapphire Coast, where I tried working in sawmills, log falling, fishing before going to work at Heinz Fish Factory and from there I moved back into education, actually while I was working there.  My first sojourn back was into nutrition, first a certificate and then a Diploma of Nutritional Science. Nutrition resonated with me and I needed more. I commenced a Diploma of Naturopathy for the nutrition but first I had to complete a Diploma of Swedish Massage, the only diploma in Australia at that time. This 1981  diploma took 2 years full time and covered relaxation as well as remedial massage and I couldn’t believe the results I topped out of 700 students and at that stage didn’t even like it. I even taught massage for 3 years to students from the Eden/Merimbula/Bega area and surrounds, I was paid well for this. The now Professor of Southern Cross University Stephen Myers hired me for this position.Continue reading

Eden Massage

Eden Massage was started in Eden by Mandy Douch in the late 1980’s, she then married Chris Hodgkinson and it retained the name Eden Massage. I purchased the clinic 1/5/2000 and closed up my Bega Clinic and moved John Bobbin Natural Medicine into here. I had qualifications in IMG_1262Nutritional Science and Naturopathic Medicine to add to my qualifications of Swedish (relaxation) and Remedial Massage. For the next few years I studied images-1sporting massage, trigger point massage and finally Leon Chaitow’s Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT). I then practiced for the several years until I was satisfied I had mastered massage, I also completed a Bachelor of Naturopathy in 2003 and then in 2010 I went back to Southern Cross University to graduate with a Master of Clinical Science, the second highest degree in the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) after PhD.
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Modern Technological Guinea Pigs

Human Guinea Pigs

At no time in our evolutionary past has technology moved as quickly as it is now, and never before have we been forced to change our postural habits as far or as fast as we have to now. The agricultural period ushered in a Unknown-1new dynamic in terms of how we used our bodies. We stopped hunting and gathering and started using technology to grow crops and look after Unknown-1animals for our food supply and later to make money by selling these products and other products made from them. Today the majority of us sit in offices using computers and other technology to make money and when we leave for recreational purposes or keeping in contact with family and friends we use smart phones, tablets etc.

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The Pain In My Neck Is Killing Me

Serious Neck Pain Is Not Funny

If ever you have woken up with a serious neck pain it takes all the pleasure out of your plans for the day, what can you do when your neck pain hits you like lightning Unknown-2bolts every couple of seconds. You wonder how serious this is and if it is a muscle or is it something else. Severe pain severe doubt. Several muscle often work in tandem to create this horrible pain but the one that runs off the peri surface of the scapula up behind your ear is the muscle bad practitioners focus on, sure they will relieve your pain but it will be back in no-time at all because this muscle is the victim of a stronger muscle pulling on it. If you can imagine a tug o war between a sumo wrestler and a jockey you will understand how irritable the jockey will get when he tries everything in vain to win the contest.Continue reading

Remedial Massage Is A Serious Physical Therapy

Remedial Massage Is Physical Medicine.

This view is also taken by the Private Health Insurance Act that makes it illegal to refund any portion of cost of treatment for relaxation (recreation or IMG_1055entertainment) or sporting massage except in very limited circumstances. Remedial Massage instead must be used to treat, manage, prevent disease, injury or condition and therefore providers must not bill for those types of services. Most Health Insurers will not allow health providers (Massage Therapists) to work out of a clinic that is a retail outlet, such as beauty therapy or health food retail outlets.
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Adductor Muscle Trigger Points Cause A Lot Of Pain

Adductor Muscles

People that engage in high intensity workouts, sport or simply working can 250px-Anterior_Hip_Muscles_2-1cause muscles to form extremely painful trigger points. According to Travel and Simmons trigger points have no flow of oxygen into the muscle cells and because of this they can not complete their Kreb Cycle. The Kreb Cycle is performed by the mitochondria of the cell and it’s job is to make Adenosine triphosphate  or ATP, this is the cell’s energy molecule.
Muscles like the adductor muscles have to perform a lot of work when we are moving around and obviously some movements encourage a greater risk of injury for these  muscles than others.Continue reading

Iliocostalis Thoracis T6 – Another heart attack mimic

images-1-1Iliocostalis Thoracis T6

Many times people have come to the clinic after having tests for angina pain and discovered that it was nothing more than a very frightening muscle. Obviously the angina tests performed by their GP showed nothing or they would not have arrived at the clinic in the first place. This muscle plays a very important role in movement of the scapula but it can be  the site of very painful and confusing pain referral for poorly trained therapists. Continue reading

A Good Practitioner Does Not Treat Patients Like Boomerangs – Always returning

Does Your Practitioner Treat You Like A Boomerang?

Unknown-2In clinics we hear it all of the time “I’ve been to Dr………   8 times for my health problem (curable) and it is getting worse, then I remembered I rarely had to go to you more than once”. Today it costs a lot of money to run a health clinic and every practitioner needs to build up their patient base, but even in a sparsely populated area like Eden, NSW Sapphire Coast practitioners should be building their patient numbers through their efficacy, not treating them with bad technique, making them return like boomerangs.Continue reading

Iliopsoas – The Joker


The Joker

Iliopsoas is often called the joker because it can cause pain in the lower back as well as the stomach and down the front of the leg, patients usually can only give vague descriptions of the pain. Iliopsoas is made up of two muscles, psoas and iliacus and runs from  lateral borders of T12 to L5 and the transverse processes of the lumbar vertibrae to merge with the tendon of the iliacus and attaches to the lesser trochanter of the femur.Continue reading