Panic Attacks – simple nervous breakdown

images-1-1This article is for information/education only and people suffering severe mental illness should seek medical help from their doctor.

Panic attacks.

 While being defined as a simple nervous breakdown are anything but simple to anyone who has suffered from them. They wreck the lives of sufferers who never know where, when or why an attack occurs. People who have never had panic attacks have no understanding of them and that often includes doctors. People who suffer from this debilitating illness frequently comment that no-one understands, it is just a waste of time talking about it. People can not get their minds around how attacks can occur they all think the patient has to be in fear of something and what are you scared of is a frequent comment. Panic attacks come without any warning and can often last a lifetime if the patient never really learns how to deal with them. Many books have been written on this very subject. Many specialist work in this field but do they cure the problem or merely treat it? Holding it at bay so you can at least function is mostly seen as the best approach. Taking powerful drugs that modify the response is not a cure, it is a treatment, if you go off your powerful drugs you will experience panic attacks returning soon after. Dr Claire Weekes cured thousands of patients worldwide.Continue reading

Are Modern Vegetables And Fruit As Good For You As They Used To Be

As a kid working in my father’s vegetable garden – almost the whole 1/4 acre (1000 m2) block except where the house stood was sown with vegetables, herbs and fruit trees and as I worked I nibbled raw vegetable and as I remember them they were more bitter than they are now. I like bitter more than sweet and about a year ago probably while I was nibbling a lettuce leaf that had been left in the garden to long I started to wonder had the nutrient levels in vegetables changed since my childhood.Continue reading

Can You Prevent Heart Disease

My Family Were Unhealthy

IMG_1262When I was a kid back in the late fifties > early sixties people used to comment to me during health discussions (I started gathering familial health evidence from 5th class on) that the Bobbin family were an unhealthy family, and that they rarely made it past 65 years before dying from a heart attack or stroke. Today we see family members living past 85 years and several have made it into their nineties what has changed?

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fish_oilNutraceutical companies function very much like their role models the pharmaceutical companies and their agenda is the same. They educate clinicians in natural medicine such as Naturopaths/Herbalists more than the training colleges just like pharmaceutical companies train doctors of medicine (MBBS or MD the higher qualification). If you are into evidence based medicine, as you should be then you should be looking at research produced by research doctors (Doctor of Philosophy) PhD or Masters of Science (MSc).Continue reading

Dietary Evolution of Man

We don’t need to upset people who do not believe in science by going into our origins here so we will start as we leave the forests or jungles where we survived for a very long time because of our hunting and foraging skills. Applying these skills in todays shopping centres has proved to be quite a challenge for some of us.

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Eat Your Weeds

Eat your Weeds – Foraging

imagesI am a Naturopath so I am meant to be weird, sort of like a journalistic licence, I am more weird than most of the IMG_1262Naturopaths that I know because I actually worship and follow science. Prove it or remove it was my catch cry for many years, long before I completed my Masters Degree in Clinical Science -Lifestyle Medicine at Southern Cross University. I only stopped using it because it was seen as an incivility and any incivility attracts a negative response. 

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Dementia Is A Terrible Disease

Lifestyle Medi LogoDementia is a terrible disease and most of us fear it. As we age we seem to worry about dementia a lot more than we should, perhaps because of all the media articles and horror stories from friends. Older people worry more when they walk into a room and can’t remember why they entered the room. We inwardly panic when we can’t remember some-ones name we are familiar with or when we forget information we have known for years.Continue reading

Weight Control Is Absolutely Essential For Health

Lifestyle Medi LogoAlmost every issue of major science journals including the American Institute Of Cancer Research a new detrimental finding is explained for weight gain. Another cancer has been linked to being fat today. Kidney cancer now joins the ever growing list of more than 10 different cancers all linked to being over weight. Today they added another risk factor for developing cancer. We knew from past research that short people had more heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes than tall people but today scientists have added being tall to an increased risk of cancer.Continue reading

Contradictions Of Health Is Frustrating

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Contradictions of Health Is Frustrating

Whenever you start thinking about health it always gets complicated with contradiction on top of contradiction. Regardless of what body system you are investigating it wont take long before contradiction rises it’s ugly head, or it could be so difficult to comprehend that you find yourself spending hours trying to find an answer as to why it happens like that. I do a lot of body work as well, remedial massage for compensation patients so you do not want to fail, so it is imperative that you learn your subject well and pain referral patterns have to be understood, but how, and why do some of them occur. We know that inflammation (inflammatory mediators) in the muscle cells disrupt the mitochondria from completing it’s Kreb Cycle but how does a muscle in the lower portion of the leg (soleus) produce pain in the jaw (mastoid muscle) Chaitow L and DeLaney J (2002) Clinical Applications of Neuromuscular Techniques (Book).Continue reading

Beating Chronic Disease With Nature

Beating Chronic Disease With Nature

So many diseases can be reversed, cured or prevented by lifestyle medicine and this has known to medicine for more than 60 years. So why has the Lifestyle Medi Logoemphasis always been on treatment, namely drug intervention. Now before you say he is a Naturopath so of course he would say that I will remind you that my passion has always been nature and science, so it follows that I would have studied nutrition (my first study), naturopathy and science and this is the course I have chosen.Continue reading