Why Smart People Believe Dumb Things

Dumb Things That Smart People Believe

I have always been fascinated by this, and believe me some of the smartest people believe the dumbest things.This is not something that has suddenly started to appear because it has been around for ever. Dr Edzard Ernst started his career in health as a Homoeopath and believed it worked until he became a medical doctor and a doctor of science,a PhD. Dr Ernst had been fooled by science sounding words. Dr Edzard Ernst and Simon Singh, a particle physicist wrote the book ‘Trick or Treatment’ about applying science to complementary medicines.Dr Ben Goldacre lectures medical doctors about falling for dumb science, and in his book ‘Bad Science’ he claims nutritionists are the worst because they know good science but refuse to use it.They push poorly researched diets and pills instead.I remember walking with a doctor of Entomology (PhD) from South Australia when he shocked me by saying he thought Iridology might be a good diagnostic tool. Iridology has been studied and found to be no better than chance. I know several PhDs that think homoeopathy works…how…how tell me…there is not even a molecule of the original substance left in the mixture and forget that rubbish about water having memory.This is the opposite of everything we learned in science. When you dilute a substance it gets weaker not stronger.

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First Nobel Prize Winner For Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine Is Gaining Credibility

2015 Nobel Prize winner for medicine was Tu Youyou a Traditional Chinese Medicine Researcher from the China Academy of Chinese Medicine Science in Beijing. When Professor Tu Youyou went to university there was no post graduate courses in China so after finishing her Bachelor Degree in Pharmacology she studied Traditional Chinese Medicine for two and a half (2.5) years. Tu Youyou is the first Chinese woman to win a Nobel Prize. In China she is being called the Three (3) Noes Winner – No medical degree – No PhD and never worked overseas but her research into Artemisinin extracted from Wormwood has saved millions of lives from Malaria…http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-china-blog-34451386Continue reading

Lifestyle Medicine Is Not Complementary Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine Is Mainstream Medicine

Frequently I hear people say this is part of complementary medicine, but it is not. In fact it is far from it. Naturopathy is the highest qualification taught in natural medicine colleges. Legislation was passed here in Australia to grant the colleges the right to teach to Bachelor of Naturopathy in 1995. After reaching the Government’s Bachelor standard they were accredited to teach to this level. After eleven (11) years no-one has forced Naturopaths to complete a Bachelor of Naturopathy (BNat), in fact they are told by their association (ATMS) that the minimum standard of education is all that is required and that is a Diploma of Naturopathy. No criticism of this qualification is intended, it is a good Diploma and Naturopaths are well trained in prevention without any type of pills. All other health practitioners entering professional practice enter after completing an undergraduate degree, a Bachelor Degree. Naturopaths should also be required to do this because they are primary practitioners. Now the difference.

Lifestyle Medicine Practitioners can enter the course from any health discipline with a Bachelor Degree whether they are registered as (GP’s,BPharm etc), allied health or degree qualified Naturopaths or Herbalists. But this does not guarantee you will pass it, it is tough, as it should be.

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Sugar Pills Deliver More Than Sugar

No-Medicine Pills

Sugar Pills or Dummy Pills, No-Medicine Pills, whatever you want to call them IMG_1262have been around a very long time and they never cease to amaze me. There is nothing in them that could offer a curative benefit, but it has been proven that they do offer a cure in circumstances you would not believe, and even when the patient has had it explained to them that there is nothing in the pills that could help. There is no identifiable difference and yet it works. Some forms of medicine have always been known as ‘sham medicine’ such as Homoeopathy, at best it is nothing more than a glass of water, at worst it is a deceitful attempt to trick patients out of their money whilst knowing you are doing this. Although this might be unfair because the homoeopaths do not believe this although the evidence is overwhelming. Just as the ‘Medicine Men’ of Africa deliver their medicine with great theatre so do the homoeopaths.Continue reading

Knowledge is Power- If It Is Used

IMG_1262John Bobbin Basic Nutrition Certificate, Dip.Nut.Sc, Dip.Nat, BNat, MClinSc (Lifestyle Medicine) Member of ATMS, ANTA, ARONAH, ASLM (Founding Member)

When Used Knowledge Is Power

There is so much, well researched information available to anyone who wants to find it, and the best way is through a practitioner. Lifestyle Medicine has been my life’s study but it wasn’t called that until 2009. My journey started at 12 years of age and is still going strong. It is so disappointing to walk through a cemetery and see friends that should not be there.Continue reading

The Lifestyle Medicine Boffin

Lifestyle Medicine Boffins

Lifestyle Medicine Boffins are emerging from all disciplines and have a genuine passion for preventing, reversing or treating chronic disease with the least amount IMG_1262of medication, or at least medication as lay people or indeed mainstream medicine know it. Doctors have known for 50 + years that we had the answer to most chronic diseases at our fingertips, research had IMG_1077proven it for them, so why did they ignore it if they are so good at evidence based medicine? You better ask them.Type 2 diabetes (Mellitus 2) should not be here now but instead it is growing in numbers of cases reported every year, and just for the record type 2 diabetes is not caused by a deficiency of metformin. Food is the best medicine for diabetes and the closer it is to the simple garden vegetables the better, no processing or only minimal processing.Continue reading

There Is No Such Thing As Alternative Medicine

What Would An Alternative To Medicine Be

I have never understood why people used this term, if it is not medicine what is it, it is nothing and should be considered in this vein. In this day and age everything IMG_1262is subject to scientific scrutiny, I am not saying you will not make money by selling products and treatments that have no scientific value. In fact you will make more than me and that is why people do it, people go to these charlatans for the experience not the benefit derived. Look how many people go to thumb-1.phpHomoeopaths and basically all they are doing is selling you water at an inflated price, according to science. People go for an unusual experience, they see conventional clinicians all of the time, and besides research out a few weeks ago show that placebo (sham treatment) works even when people know it is a sham. The weirder it is the more likely it will succeed, or so it seems.Continue reading

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Looking Back At Our Ancestry

When our ancestors arrived in Australia from the UK, regardless of IMG_1262whether they arrived by assisted passage (ball and chain) or whether they paid their own way, they all looked forward to an uncertain future. Life was tough and as they say ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’, and they did. Tough as teak they battled weather, poor soils, primitive tools and an unforgiving climate, but with an indomitable will they survived and carved a living from some of the harshest of environments. If you couldn’t grow it, catch it or hunt it you didn’t eat.Continue reading

Speaking Mumbo Jumbo Is Not Street Speak

Learning To Speak Mumbo Jumbo

Most people seeking careers in medicine, academia or research today finish IMG_1262year twelve at eighteen years of age, go straight into university where they do a science degree in 3 years or medicine (naturopathic or mainstream) in 4 years, doctors and Unknown-1naturopaths usually stop at this point and then do ‘in house’ training. Academics/researchers may do an honours year (1 year) before doing a masters (1.5 – 2.0 years) or PhD (3 years). For 7 or 8 years they have not spoken much to real people, their dialogue is aimed at students and other academics.

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Science Evolves Too

Nothing Stops Evolving Including Science

Researchers fervently inform us of every new finding in health with an IMG_1262impassioned plea for us to take it on board without question but how often is it wrong. Then of course we have the old guard that don’t want us to believe the new finding so they ‘muddy’ the water by introducing findings in the opposite direction, usually to protect their income source. Making money is an essential part of life and you can’t get far without it, but preventing disease should be a bigger part of life. Lying about health outcomes to make millions of dollars, as the tobacco companies did, is just plain wrong. Setting prices based on human needs is incorrigible, as the CEO of Mylan Pharmaceutical company is at present being charged. Experts have claimed that an epi-pen would probably cost less than $30 to make yet Mylan is charging $600 for a twin pack because people can’t do without them…they have about $1 worth of epinephrine and a syringe her company didn’t even make, they purchased it in 2007Continue reading