I Never Thought I Would One Day Be Here

Where Does This Journey End?

I can never remember a time that I was not interested in nutrition. My mother and her family always spoke about eating good wholesome food. Gran used to say “Eat a good breakfast and make sure it is food that will stick to your ribs”. Dad/Mum and Gran always had a large vegetable garden, and they always had several fruit trees. I was always amazed at what they could grow in Cooma with it’s temperature extremes. Once I was old enough to buy a car and pass my test for a drivers licence I visited Gran a lot more often, and she could always be found working in the garden. As kids we were expected to work in the vegetable garden to grow the families food. I always enjoyed gardening. Dad suffered a heart attack at 43 years of age and was put on a pension so growing our own food took on a lot more importance.

Gardening for Fun And Nutrition For Study

I was twelve when dad retired so I had a lot of gardening experience by the time I left school. There were very limited options for gardeners so I looked elsewhere for employment, winning a scholarship to study as a PMG Technician in Alexandria, Sydney. This was a big shock, people everywhere and no room for gardens, everything was tar and cement in 1963. After getting a good result in my final exams I applied for a country area but no such luck, Sydney for life, I resigned.

Returning to Eden I tried several jobs, fishing (hated it), sawmills (hard work but I enjoyed it), log falling (great environment but we destroyed it), I loved the work.The smell/love of the bush has been a life long obsession. Eventually at the ripe old age of twenty three years I started work at Kraft Foods,later it was bought by HJ Heinz. At thirty years of age I succumbed to the urge to renew my studies, nutrition was the obvious choice. Because of my father’s illness I had been forced to leave high school at the end of 3rd year and hadn’t completed 4th and 5th year, which was your matriculation, without this you could not get into university. I hoped that if I kept studying and doing well I would eventually crash through the barriers and get into a university.

Diplomas Were The Pinnacle

I completed a basic nutrition course, loved it so I did a Diploma of Nutritional Science, I needed more. I enrolled in a Diploma of Naturopathic Medicine for the nutrition, completing it in 1991. As well as doing this I completed another 4 diplomas and 4 certificates. I still could not gain access to university study, frustrating. While working for Heinz I had completed short courses in food sterilisation and handling at Hawksbury Agricultural College, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. In 1992 Monash University Churchill enrolled me to do a Bachelor of BioChemistry, I was finally on track. After completing a bridging course I got stuck into the degree but in 1995 legislation was passed to allow colleges and universities to become accredited to deliver a Bachelor of Naturopathy, I resigned from Monash and enrolled in an upgrade to Bachelor Degree. I started talking to fellow Naturopaths all over the countryside but after a few years I realised they were more into qualitative research than I was. I wanted proof for everything and you can only get that through quantitative research. I needed more education.

Master Of Clinical Science – Lifestyle Medicine

In 2009 a Masters Degree in Clinical Science – Lifestyle Medicine was introduced through Southern Cross University so in 2010 I found myself back studying. Once I saw this degree I knew this was what I had always been doing, trying to achieve optimal health and longevity for my family. September 22, 2013 saw me complete my Master of Clinical Science – Lifestyle Medicine with a high distinction in Epidemiology. In the period before I had passed my research project “You Can Reverse Diabetes Mellitus Two With Diet” in a systematic review of randomised controlled trials with a high credit. I had reached the end of the journey.

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My health qualifications:
Psychology, Homoeopathy(Never Used),Herbal Medicine, Nutrition(HSA)
Swedish and Remedial Massage 1983,Homoeopathy 1993(Never Used), Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Science 1981, Naturopathy 1991(HSA)
Bachelor of Naturopathy 2003 (NIHS)
Master of Clinical Science – Lifestyle Medicine 2013 Southern Cross University (SCU).
Association Membership
Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)
Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)
Australian Register Of Naturopaths And Herbalists (ARONAH)
Founding Member of Australasian Society Of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM)

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