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New Diet Is Flavour Of The Month

I am over it, people won’t listen to someone that has spent a lifetime studying how to achieve healthy outcomes without medication/natural as well, yet they will listen to someone that hasn’t even walked through a university campus. Yesterday I learned about an egg and water diet, continuously people sing the praises of some bootcamp style gym program. The only diets some people are not interested in are the well researched diets. Advertising is everywhere today, just look for something sensible on Dr Google and watch the advertising leap out of the screen at you. The internet is the largest forum for misinformation found anywhere today but while the bulk of the population will tell you they know this, they continually fall victim to it. This proves they do not understand real from fake.

Humans And Germs Have Always Been At War

But today germs and other microbes that cause disease are not the big killers of humans, they have been replaced by diseases caused by over indulgence in food, drinks or bad behaviours. Seventy percent of the developed world is over weight and don’t seem to understand how to lose this weight.Understanding where humans came from helps you understand how all of this works. Ghrelin is a hormone that causes hunger pains, but it should be an old friend of humans because they would have spent a lot of their hunter gatherer years being hungry. The largest proportion of food hunter gatherers eat is very low in calories. Sugar and fat can trick the bodies hunger controlling mechanisms sending hunger into overdrive. 

How Does It Do This

Fat and extreme sugar turn on the brains reward system, similarly to the way cocaine and gambling does. We get so much pleasure out of eating these fats and sugars that our hunger controlling (satiety) hormones are over ridden and we can eat thousands of calories more than we should..https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-sugar-and-fat-trick-the-brain-into-wanting-more-food/

Evolution is a slow process and for more than a million years humans struggled to get enough food to survive, in fact if you look now you will see most wild animals, and humans are primates, struggle to survive because of the number of animals and the amount of available food. This is the first time in history where humans had a surplus of food, very little effort required to get it, and we all have enough money to buy as much as we want.

Nutrition Is Not Taught At School

Unfortunately nutrition is not taught at school and mothers no longer teach their children about sensible eating, most mothers simply do not know how to eat properly. Our grandmothers/grandfathers knew a lot more about healthy eating than todays mums and dads. Very few people today bother to grow a vegetable garden because they can buy better tasting,but not as healthy, food close by, and they all have plenty of money.


Social Media Is Our Kids Educators

Nutritional educators can be found today in abundance, and some have actually been to a university, but the majority have probably never even walked across a university’s lawn yet they have all of the solutions. One of the problems here is the confusion. Degree based professions like doctors, who have very little nutrition in their medical degrees, dietitions  seem to emphasise not missing out on any of the nutrients,naturopaths with a degree still frequently refuse to follow science and go off with the fairies. Then you have the gym owners, chefs etc who have no university qualifications at all, especially in nutrition, all of these people think they have the answers, but research is the only place answers will come from, and they don’t do it and are not trained to understand it.

It Takes Money To Survive

If you don’t make money you simply shut up shop and move on. I am reminded of an old Italian saying, translated it goes something like this ‘ don’t worry about a degree just get a skill and fill the till’ which is not bad advice. Often the skill is in a unrelated area such as marketing skill, presentation or just simply being a celebrity. Money is the reason these people try to exercise influence over what people eat and believe, they often see a result which appears to justify what they are saying but it usually isn’t a long term solution, science provides the answers.

Copy The Habits Of Long Living,Healthy People

If you look at people who enjoy a long healthy life you will find they don’t eat very much in the way of sugary dishes, and if they do it is a treat not to be eaten daily. We call a lot of their vegetables weeds. They are found growing wild in fields and along creeks etc. Herbs and vegetables like wild Purslane,Dandelion, Mallow, Wood Sorrel, Sheep Sorrel, Wild Brassica, Black Berries, Stinging Nettles, Chickweed, wild Fennel are all vegetables or herbs that are prised by Italian, Greek and Spanish foragers. These plants are nutritious, tasty and have  saved millions of lives in times of famine. These are the types of foods our bodies evolved eating. If it has never flown,grown, walked or swam you don’t need to ear it.

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