Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is Power

Too many kids today trivialise this statement and try to take short cuts to the top in sports as well as academia, but the real winners will emerge from the group that put in the hard yards learning every aspect of their chosen field of endeavour. A good way to approach anything is to follow this little poem

Good better best,images-1

Never let it rest,

Until your good is better,

And your better is the best.

Great sportspeople, great academics and great tradesmen will all find plateaus they find difficult to overcome but the winners will find a way. If you are not prepared to do this then you will never have a chance at being the best in whatever you chose. Quite often extremely gifted people will surge ahead of the pack until finally they reach a plateau and for some reason they are unable to get over it, they quit and walk away. Others not so gifted reach the plateau, refuse to give in and finally overcome it and finish the course or whatever it is, they accept the challenge, bite down on the pain and conquer the Unknownchallenge. Do you know how many hours of boring, tedious work there is in becoming a Wimbledon champion or an Olympic champion, or how many plateaus Einstein ran into before he perfected his theory of relativity. He was wrong in 1927 with his theory of a static universe and copped a lot of flak from Georges Lemaitre father of the big bangĀ

Lifestyle Medicine Is Like This

From our day without a yesterday until our day without a tomorrow everything we do, eat, drink or allow to worry us will have the potential to influence the distance between these two points.

The winners amongst us will acknowledge these plateaus and conquer them. The plateaus we are talking about areĀ weight gain, inactivity, alcohol over indulgence,lack of sleep, stress from whatever cause imagined or real.

Great health does not come from a pill bottle but rather from your own head.

This is the beauty of Lifestyle Medicine, it is simple, cheap and almost anyone can do it but you have to continually work at it like a good marriage.

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