Lifestyle Medicine Is Evidence Based Medicine

Naturopathy Is Not Lifestyle Medicine

Naturopaths use a much lower level of evidence than lifestyle medicine practitioners. In fact all complementary medicine uses a much lower level of evidence. Allied Health Practitioners are not lifestyle medicine practitioners. All of these practitioners can become lifestyle medicine practitioners but they have to do the post graduate courses first. Naturopaths are often defined by the medicine they use, in the public eye, but this is clearly wrong.

Lifestyle Medicine is a stand alone discipline. Lifestyle Medicine is a discipline defined by evidence based post graduate courses and research. It is rapidly becoming one of the major mainstream medicine disciplines world wide. Diseases are reversed by using minimalistic interventions, prevention will play a major role in healthcare.

Secrets Of Health

The secrets of health are slowly being discovered and understood. Lifestyle Medicine can save more lives than any other discipline of medicine that has ever been discovered. Research is currently underway on the human micro biome and understanding the different roles played by microbes within our bodies will be paramount to good health. The discovery of antibiotics unleashed war on good and bad microbes alike and we may be paying the price for that with a range of diseases previously not encountered to this degree if at all. Chronic disease is now the biggest killer of humans. Lifestyle medicine is not going for a run of a morning or spending two hours in a gym, in fact the longest lived people on this planet don’t ever do this.

Learning From The Masters

Homo Sapien means wise man but we are learning that merely having knowledge is not the answer, skill is the answer and we must apply the skills we learn. No-one has ever risen to the top of their field without applying these skills we learn, regardless of whether it is music, art, science, sport or health. You must learn the required knowledge but then you must apply the learned skill and keep refining it by targeted training, and you learn from the masters.

Who Are The Masters

In any course of learning lecturers are important but students will overtake them after learning what they have to teach. Einstein (Physics), Feyman (Physics), Mozart (Music), Picasso (Art),Franklin (Scientist Plus), Kipling (Poet/Author/Journalist), Federer (Tennis), Nadal (Tennis),Robinson (Boxer) all had to learn from teachers, but they all overtook their teachers and went on to greatness and a place in the history books. Health can be achieved the same way, learn the lessons and use the skills from this learning.

Who Are The Health Masters

Obviously the grandmaster of health was Jean Calment who lived to 122 years and 164 days


Over the past two decades researches have developed an appetite for researching longevity. Currently the object of their research are the people living in the blue zones. We have learned a lot from this research but a lot more will be unveiled in the near future. The secret of their outstanding longevity will not be a magic bullet (single ingredient), such as sport, diet,medicine, vitamin but rather will come as a package.

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