Locavores Live Longer

Locavores Live Longer Because They Eat Healthier

First of all you have to know what a ‘Locavore’ is. A locavore is someone that eats food grown or raised in the local area, usually within 100 kilometres of where they live. When you eat from a known locality you can check on things like herbicides, organic composting and anything else that takes your fancy. You can get to know the growers and retailers. People who take the care to become a locavore usually care equally about other aspects of their health, such as activity levels, alcohol within reasonable limits (drinkers live longer than non-drinkers proven), control of anxiety levels, often through mindfulness practice, weight gain and anything else that influences their health and longevity.

Inhabitors Of Blue Zones Are Locavores

The people that live the longest are locavores see Acciaroli ..http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/drive/acciaroli-the-italian-town-where-living-past-100-is-the-norm/7303306

Sardinia …https://bluezones.com/exploration/sardinia-italy/ Nicoya…https://bluezones.com/exploration/nicoya-costa-rica/



And of course we have one religious group that do not drink alcohol from California..https://bluezones.com/exploration/loma-linda-california/

Apart from the Californians all of the others drink alcohol and forage for wild herbs and vegetables as well as growing them. The Loma Linda Seven Day Adventists do similar with their strict vegetarian diet that emphasises beans.

Do We Have Any Blue Zones In Australia

There are no blue zones recognised by researchers yet in Australia but it would not surprise me if one were found tomorrow. My Grandmother’s side of my family resided in Narrandera, in the NSW Riverina. Gran’s ancestry was English and northern Italian, with a bit more Italian than the records show, somethings are better left out of records according to family values. These people lived an extraordinarily long life, 94, 96, almost 98, almost 102 why? Apart from one I can find enough evidence to believe they were locavores, the 102 relative probably was as well. Locavores normally have a good vegetable garden themselves, they forage for herbs with high nutrient content like Purslane, Dandelion etc. Townies today seem to have lost their appetite for anything slightly bitter and because of this they are missing out on excellent, cheap nutrition that could possibly extend their lifespan. The proof is not in yet and depending on who funds it, it may never be, there is no real enthusiasm to promote DIY health in any developed country. Today’s vegetables are grown for taste not health, marketing forces exercise a lot of power over farmers that grow produce, and to be fair you would have to say the farmers don’t resist making money either.

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