John Bobbin DNutSc, DSM,DRM,ND,BNat, MClinSc(LifestyleMed) Member of Workcover (number 3178), Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association (ALMA) renamed Australasian Society Of Lifestyle Medicine  (ASLM) in July 2015 and I am a founding member, Australian Register Of Naturopaths And Herbalists (ARONAH membership number 35), Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA number 5407), Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS number 2605). I am covered by all participation health funds, rebates available.

The Doctor Of The Future Will Prescribe NO Medicine – Food Will Be The Medicine

My first qualification 1978 was a basic nutrition course and I instantly fell in love with nutrition. In 1981 I completed a Diploma of Nutritional Science. In 1991 I completed my Diploma of Naturopathy and by now nutrition was really resonating with me, I couldn’t get enough. In 1995 the Bachelor of Naturopathy became part of the academic landscape in Australia, with an ACT college The National Institute of Health Sciences and a NSW University – Southern Cross University  at Lismore NSW being the first to gain government accreditation to teach to this level. In 2002 I completed my Bachelor of Naturopathy. I have been in practice as a  Naturopath since January 1992.

In 2009 the course I consider to be the best course in Australia for health practitioners and perhaps the world, was unveiled at Southern Cross University. This course is the Master of Clinical Science – Lifestyle Medicine and it is currently the fastest growing branch of medicine worldwide. I commenced my Master of Clinical Science (Lifestyle Medicine) in June 2010 completing it 22/9/2013. This course is special, it is heavily steeped in science and is squarely aimed at the diseases of ageing (chronic diseases), and in particular type 2 diabetes. My unpublished research (it was passed by the University at a standard ready for publication), and a lot of other research has shown type 2 diabetes can be reversed without drugs or supplements. The only reason I did not seek publication for my type2 diabetes research was because it was my last semester (final units) and I had finished  and I was not returning to SCU the following year, if I had of returned I would have tried to get it published.

First visit massage $85.00 …… subsequent visits $70.00  (all 1 hour)

Lifestyle Medicine Consultation 1 hour $90.00

If you want to avoid the diseases of lifestyle (and 70 percent of Australians are now attending a GP’s clinic for a disease caused by lifestyle) this is a must for you.. you will be amazed at the gaps in your knowledge. Usually only lifestyle changes are required to reverse or prevent you going down this path, no drugs, no supplements.Recently a very heavily drugged anxiety disorder patient was reversed permanently by John in one consultation.. doctors were amazed. It is not magic all of the answers were discovered in the 1950’s we chose not to use them but instead followed, as we are still doing today, a treatment path. Treatment is not cure, it makes drug companies rich.