Processed Meats Cause Cancer – WHO

processed-meat-1Processed meats cause cancer -WHO.

According to the latest report released by the World Health Organisation (WHO) processed meats are a cause of colorectal cancer and that red meat probably caused it as well. Both processed meats and red meat have been strongly suspected for more than a decade now. Sheila Bingham showed how red meat caused polyps to grow in the colon in vegetarians that ate half a kilo of red meat/day and these polyps turn cancerous . Continue reading

Love Food That Loves You

fruits-veggies-table_570It sounds corny doesn’t it but many a person has fallen in love with the wrong person only to regret it for the rest of their lives, and you can draw the exact same analogy with food. You can fall fall in love with food that causes heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome. This is a dangerous liaison, the object of your affection is simply not worth the pain and agony you will go through, your love is simply not being returned so leave now and seek a more rewarding partnership. I know true love never runs smooth but this is ridiculous, you spend a fortune on them and they reward you by killing you.

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