Take Your Lifestyle Medicine Daily

Take Your Lifestyle Medicine Daily

A lot of people are confused when you talk about lifestyle medicine. Lifestyle medicine if it is allowed to proceed will revolutionise health throughout the world and this is not a hyperbole, it is fact. From the early 1950’s onwards medical 

Lifestyle Medi Logoresearchers knew they could prevent a huge number of what is today called chronic disease. In Australia the fastest growing industry, and the largest is health. The fastest growing section is in the aged care and homeless area, hostels etc. The largest employer of healthcare workers in Australia is hospitals. In total healthcare employs 11.8% of all Australian workers, it is much bigger than the mining industry and if you added in all of the people employed in making pharmaceuticals/nutraceuticals it would be huge. Australians spent 121.4 billion dollars on health in 2009-10 this amounted to 9.4% of total spending on all goods and services known as gross domestic product (GDP) http://www.aihw.gov.au/australias-health/2012/spending-on-health/#c1Continue reading

The Medical Landscape Keeps Changing

The Changing Medical Landscape – Does doctor know best?

Going back to the late seventies a lot of medical measurements were much higher than images-1-1they are today, cholesterol measurements, blood pressure measurements and type 2 diabetes was not even on the radar yet. Cholesterol had only just been listed as a cause of heart disease and the measurements were not considered problematic if it was under 5.5 mmol/litre. Continue reading

Dietary Evolution of Man

We don’t need to upset people who do not believe in science by going into our origins here so we will start as we leave the forests or jungles where we survived for a very long time because of our hunting and foraging skills. Applying these skills in todays shopping centres has proved to be quite a challenge for some of us.

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