Metaflammation Could Be The New Germ Theory

Metaflammation Could Be The New Germ Theory

Prof Garry Egger has written these words on several occasions and it could easily be true. Garry has written about this in today’s MUnknown-1-1edical Unknown-2Observer. Metaflammation has multiple causes but if you can tame them you can solve the puzzle of chronic disease. Type 2 Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic disease and the new scourge of developing countries like China and India. Chronic diseases don’t have causes like acute infectious diseases they have determinants.Continue reading

Lifestyle Medicine Is An Investment In Health, Not A Cost

Lifestyle Medicine Is An Investment Not A Cost

Politicians do not understand the difference between spending and investment obviously or they would know that Lifestyle Medicine is a very sound investment in Australia’s future, in fact the world’s future. Every health budget in the western world is bulging at the seems because of debt. Sometimes politicians appear to be a few degrees short of qualifying as idiots because they continually spend money on treatment rather than prevention. Prevention gets almost zero funding while treatment gets the lion’s share, what or who could influence politicians to waste tax payers money like this.Continue reading

Natural Evidence Based Tools For Lifestyle Medicine

Evidence Based Natural Medicines

The research for natural medicine has been very slow in coming and this is understandable when you look at where the funding comes from. Business’s with a large profile also command a large amount of respect so I don’t think there is any doubt that they get special treatment, especially if they fund a lot of health areas that the government would have to fund themselves if they dropped out. Big Pharma does this.Continue reading

We Own Ten Percent Of Our Microbes

If We Only Own 10% of Our MicroBiome Who Owns The Other 90%?

I don’t know how many of you people watch science programs like catalyst but I find them fascinating and a great arena for learning. Last year catalyst presented the ‘Gut Reaction’ which was about the human micro biome. I was surprised to learn that we only own 10 percent of the microbes so in effect we are a conduit for micro organisms. We do not know what the other microbes do yet we are killing them with antibiotics, prescribed and by stealth contained within the meat we consume.Continue reading

We All Need Activity

Activity Is Essential For Human Survival

Gym owners will tell you we all should be members of the gym. Sporting clubs will tell you to join their club for best results, and then you have images-1-2walking/hiking/mountain climbing clubs that offer just what you need. But what do you really need? We have heard the old saying ‘The family that plays together stays together’ and there is a lot of truth in it.  If you are choosing sport for your children what do you look for? Is it safety as well as the health benefits of the activity, we know some sports are a lot more dangerous than others. We know the dangers of boxing, football, racing cars/bikes/boats/mountain climbing/cliff climbing  and we can find the evidence anytime we look. Continue reading

Dietary Evolution of Man

We don’t need to upset people who do not believe in science by going into our origins here so we will start as we leave the forests or jungles where we survived for a very long time because of our hunting and foraging skills. Applying these skills in todays shopping centres has proved to be quite a challenge for some of us.

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