Lifestyle Medicine Is An Investment In Health, Not A Cost

Lifestyle Medicine Is An Investment Not A Cost

Politicians do not understand the difference between spending and investment obviously or they would know that Lifestyle Medicine is a very sound investment in Australia’s future, in fact the world’s future. Every health budget in the western world is bulging at the seems because of debt. Sometimes politicians appear to be a few degrees short of qualifying as idiots because they continually spend money on treatment rather than prevention. Prevention gets almost zero funding while treatment gets the lion’s share, what or who could influence politicians to waste tax payers money like this.Continue reading

You Might Live To A Very Old Age If You Don’t Die Young

You might live to a very old age if you don’t die young.

This might seem like a conflict in terms when you first read it if you have never studied in this area.I have never been convinced by the genetic researchers that
all disease has a genetic basis and we can do nothing about it, it always seemed a much too fertile field for growing mistruths and making a lot of money. There I go again the skeptic in me, naturopaths are not meant to be like this, it must be all that boat-people-cartoon-1deductive thinking that I can’t stop my brain from doing, and a lot of evidence from the past. My Australian ancestors arrived soon after the first wave of European boat people – the locals didn’t send the Europeans to Naru but instead allowed them to settle and wreck their lives forever.Continue reading

Naturopaths Can Be Friends Of Science Too – I Am

Naturopaths Can Be Friends Of Science Too – I Am

First of all let me say to Professor John Dwyer that I have no argument with his attack on pseudoscience I know it is justified but John would throw out the baby with the bathwater images-1by lumping us all into the same category.  I like John’s Friends Of Science In Medicine and I think we should also start one and call it Friends Of Science In Natural Medicine because a lot of us do practice, and always have practiced scientifically. What attracted me to Naturopathy in the first place was it’s reliance on natural methods not supplements, they entered the naturopathic landscape much later. What John is ignoring is the fact that naturopaths have to follow guidelines set down by their associations, similar to doctors with their association AMA, and if these associations do not provide sound  direction, like sheep they follow their leader.Continue reading

We All Need Activity

Activity Is Essential For Human Survival

Gym owners will tell you we all should be members of the gym. Sporting clubs will tell you to join their club for best results, and then you have images-1-2walking/hiking/mountain climbing clubs that offer just what you need. But what do you really need? We have heard the old saying ‘The family that plays together stays together’ and there is a lot of truth in it.  If you are choosing sport for your children what do you look for? Is it safety as well as the health benefits of the activity, we know some sports are a lot more dangerous than others. We know the dangers of boxing, football, racing cars/bikes/boats/mountain climbing/cliff climbing  and we can find the evidence anytime we look. Continue reading

Eat Your Way To Great Health

This clinic only believes in evidence based medicine and always has done so, from early qualifications in nutrition, through naturopathy and into lifestyle medicine  with Southern Cross University. Evidence based medicine is the bible for medicine regardless of whatever form of medicine you practice, or it should be, because if it is not you are not only deceiving yourself but also your patients. A couple of centuries ago a chap called Hippocrates claimed we should let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine (he spoke funny like that) reading