Evidence Based Medicine – Just How Scientific Are We?

Science And Evidence Based Medicine

We all talk about and claim we do it but do we. We have doctors of medicine (MBBS – MD) who claim they are friends of science. We have naturopaths (BNat-ND) who claim they only use scientific methods but do we? We have associations that claim they represent scientifically proven therapies. We have pharmaceutical companies that claim their drugs are scientifically proven to do what they claim. We have herbal and nutraceutical companies that claim they have scientifically proven their herbs and supplements do what they claim and of course we have regulators who watch over all this and have the power to take action to stop any false claims.

Do We Believe Them?

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fish_oilNutraceutical companies function very much like their role models the pharmaceutical companies and their agenda is the same. They educate clinicians in natural medicine such as Naturopaths/Herbalists more than the training colleges just like pharmaceutical companies train doctors of medicine (MBBS or MD the higher qualification). If you are into evidence based medicine, as you should be then you should be looking at research produced by research doctors (Doctor of Philosophy) PhD or Masters of Science (MSc).Continue reading