Evidence Based Medicine – Just How Scientific Are We?

Science And Evidence Based Medicine

We all talk about and claim we do it but do we. We have doctors of medicine (MBBS – MD) who claim they are friends of science. We have naturopaths (BNat-ND) who claim they only use scientific methods but do we? We have associations that claim they represent scientifically proven therapies. We have pharmaceutical companies that claim their drugs are scientifically proven to do what they claim. We have herbal and nutraceutical companies that claim they have scientifically proven their herbs and supplements do what they claim and of course we have regulators who watch over all this and have the power to take action to stop any false claims.

Do We Believe Them?

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Natural Evidence Based Tools For Lifestyle Medicine

Evidence Based Natural Medicines

The research for natural medicine has been very slow in coming and this is understandable when you look at where the funding comes from. Business’s with a large profile also command a large amount of respect so I don’t think there is any doubt that they get special treatment, especially if they fund a lot of health areas that the government would have to fund themselves if they dropped out. Big Pharma does this.Continue reading

You Might Live To A Very Old Age If You Don’t Die Young

You might live to a very old age if you don’t die young.

This might seem like a conflict in terms when you first read it if you have never studied in this area.I have never been convinced by the genetic researchers that
all disease has a genetic basis and we can do nothing about it, it always seemed a much too fertile field for growing mistruths and making a lot of money. There I go again the skeptic in me, naturopaths are not meant to be like this, it must be all that boat-people-cartoon-1deductive thinking that I can’t stop my brain from doing, and a lot of evidence from the past. My Australian ancestors arrived soon after the first wave of European boat people – the locals didn’t send the Europeans to Naru but instead allowed them to settle and wreck their lives forever.Continue reading

Naturopaths Can Be Friends Of Science Too – I Am

Naturopaths Can Be Friends Of Science Too – I Am

First of all let me say to Professor John Dwyer that I have no argument with his attack on pseudoscience I know it is justified but John would throw out the baby with the bathwater images-1by lumping us all into the same category. http://www.scienceinmedicine.org.au  I like John’s Friends Of Science In Medicine and I think we should also start one and call it Friends Of Science In Natural Medicine because a lot of us do practice, and always have practiced scientifically. What attracted me to Naturopathy in the first place was it’s reliance on natural methods not supplements, they entered the naturopathic landscape much later. What John is ignoring is the fact that naturopaths have to follow guidelines set down by their associations, similar to doctors with their association AMA, and if these associations do not provide sound  direction, like sheep they follow their leader.Continue reading

Coffee – Friend or Foe

Coffee – The Mediterranean Gift To Europe

Coffee is probably the most vilified liquid after alcohol and it has never deserved any of it. It seems to be a whipping post for tea drinkers, hippies, naturopaths and doctors – united Unknown-2they stand. One of my pet hates is to walk into a coffee shop, order a cappuccino and when it arrives it is 80 C and it is undrinkable and the milk tastes burnt. Anyone who has ever owned a coffee shop and had training from a coffee college will know 55C – 60C is the correct temperature for cappuccino and lattae, no self respecting Barista would ever make a disgusting brew like this. People who make coffee like this should be rewarded with a lengthy gaol (jail for Americans) sentence of 10 or 15 years for disrespecting the mediterranean culture.Continue reading

Lifestyle Medicine Has Been The Most Exciting Thing I Have Been Involved With

Looking Back

I did very well in fifth and sixth class after a teacher pulled me aside in the playground and said”Son, you are going into my class next term and I have been checking you all out, you Unknown-2could top the class if you weren’t the class clown” After 56 years I still remember it clearly. I did not know whether he was right but it sure lifted my academic game after he said it and I did really well in his classes. It was after the half yearly exams in sixth class that my father at the age of forty three years took his first heart attack. My health journey started here. I had been considering trying to become a medical doctor or a scientist of some description but now I had to consider what the future held in store, had I just witnessed my own future?Continue reading

The Medical Landscape Keeps Changing

The Changing Medical Landscape – Does doctor know best?

Going back to the late seventies a lot of medical measurements were much higher than images-1-1they are today, cholesterol measurements, blood pressure measurements and type 2 diabetes was not even on the radar yet. Cholesterol had only just been listed as a cause of heart disease and the measurements were not considered problematic if it was under 5.5 mmol/litre. Continue reading

Australian Naturopaths Have To Come In From The Cold

Australian Naturopaths Have To Come In From The Cold.

images-1-1Australian Naturopaths do a four year Bachelor of Naturopathy or it’s equivalent and it is a good degree. In Australia Bachelor Degrees for Naturopathy were legislated in 1995 (Natural Therapies – The Politics And Passion – By Judy Jacka 1998). The first Schools to be Government accredited to teach Naturopaths to Bachelor Degree standard was Southern Cross University 1995 and a private college called The National Institute Of Health Sciences in the ACT – this college lost it’s accreditation 13 years later. Victoria’s Southern School of Natural Therapies became the third school accredited in October 1997 and then Queensland in 1998.Continue reading

Eat Your Weeds

Eat your Weeds – Foraging

imagesI am a Naturopath so I am meant to be weird, sort of like a journalistic licence, I am more weird than most of the IMG_1262Naturopaths that I know because I actually worship and follow science. Prove it or remove it was my catch cry for many years, long before I completed my Masters Degree in Clinical Science -Lifestyle Medicine at Southern Cross University. I only stopped using it because it was seen as an incivility and any incivility attracts a negative response. 

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