Coffee – Friend or Foe

Coffee – The Mediterranean Gift To Europe

Coffee is probably the most vilified liquid after alcohol and it has never deserved any of it. It seems to be a whipping post for tea drinkers, hippies, naturopaths and doctors – united Unknown-2they stand. One of my pet hates is to walk into a coffee shop, order a cappuccino and when it arrives it is 80 C and it is undrinkable and the milk tastes burnt. Anyone who has ever owned a coffee shop and had training from a coffee college will know 55C – 60C is the correct temperature for cappuccino and lattae, no self respecting Barista would ever make a disgusting brew like this. People who make coffee like this should be rewarded with a lengthy gaol (jail for Americans) sentence of 10 or 15 years for disrespecting the mediterranean culture.Continue reading

Western Diet Shrinks The Brain

UnknownAs a science loving Naturopath/Nutritionist with a specialty in Lifestyle Medicine I am always drawn to research that investigate food and disease as if by some magnetic force and today was no different. An Australian study (Canberra & Queanbeyan) was published online 8th Sept, 2015 associating a western diet with shrunken hippocampus amongst a cohort of 60 year olds Jacka FN, Cherbuin N, Anstey KJ, Sachdev P, and Butterworth P (2015).

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