The Pain In My Neck Is Killing Me

Serious Neck Pain Is Not Funny

If ever you have woken up with a serious neck pain it takes all the pleasure out of your plans for the day, what can you do when your neck pain hits you like lightning Unknown-2bolts every couple of seconds. You wonder how serious this is and if it is a muscle or is it something else. Severe pain severe doubt. Several muscle often work in tandem to create this horrible pain but the one that runs off the peri surface of the scapula up behind your ear is the muscle bad practitioners focus on, sure they will relieve your pain but it will be back in no-time at all because this muscle is the victim of a stronger muscle pulling on it. If you can imagine a tug o war between a sumo wrestler and a jockey you will understand how irritable the jockey will get when he tries everything in vain to win the contest.

The muscle in the photo is Levator scapulae and it causes more neck pain than any other muscle other than the occiputs. The Occiputs are extremely dangerous for practitioners not properly schooled in advanced massage. In Nov 14, 2010 a Unknown-2Sydney man (from Hornsby) had a 7 centimentre tear (7 cm) in his right vertebral artery after a female Chiropractor manipulated his neck – emergency surgery saved his life. Exactly the same thing can happen from inappropriate massage and the vertebral artery runs close to the lower hinge of the mid occiput muscle which in my opinion should never be touched in massage.

These muscles cause severe headaches and we see patients coming in frequently for relief from this problem. Several muscles are usually implicated in causing a headache so fixing one is usually only a short term fix and it will return within a few hours but if you know your profession you images-2can easily fix it and guarantee patient safety at the same time, if you are not sure then you should refer them to a therapist that has studied the higher levels of massage (neuromuscular therapy). To the left you will see the type of pain referral (headache) caused by this muscle.

As stated before several muscles cause headache, neck ache, shoulder pain, back pain and pins and needles down the arm right into the fingers, this is caused by muscles impinging the brachial nerve.

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