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Life Was Summed Up Perfectly With This Line

Kristofferson wrote many words of wisdom in his songs, but none with a greater application than this line from ‘The Silver Tongued Devil And I’. Everywhere you look in life this jumps out at you.Today almost seventy percent of people attending a medical practitioners clinic is there because of their lifestyle. I am reading the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari which traces the evolution of our human lineage. Homo Sapien means wise man, but there has been nothing wise about a lot of our decisions. Even abandoning foraging in favour of farming proved to be a bad decision in a lot of ways. Foragers had a much larger ranger of food in their diets. They reproduced every three to four years unlike farmers who reproduced yearly or close. Farmers ushered in the transfer of disease from animal to human. Foragers collected all the food they needed in a few hours whereas farmers work their butts off tilling, weeding, harvesting etc and they are still at the mercy of the seasons. Europeans were amazed at the small amount of time required by our first nation to collect all the food they required. It was a great life.

Money United Humans

This was a means of uniting a global economy but prior to this people made almost everything they needed, the rest in a foraging population could have been acquired by the barter system. When food run out people simply picked up their few possession and moved on. Farming allowed a great developmental age that obviously benefitted humans with education, medical facilities and warm housing but it kept on developing and eventually pollution, corruption and dwindling resources also become a problem.

Emergence Of Lifestyle Problems

Humans are separated from animals because they have imaginations, and imagination has brought us wonderful progress because we can all think now what if we did something differently or even combined several ideas. Humans also imagine things that are not so healthy as well, in fact if you could do an imaginectomy you would solve all of the anxiety problems¬†immediately.As countries become more affluent more chronic, lifestyle caused diseases¬†emerge. First the rich and then the poor but no country has been able to reverse their obesity problems so far. We know calorie deprivation works as could be seen in environments where food is restricted, such as prisoner of war camps, but no-one knows why we have such difficulty in ‘obesogenic environments’. Since the ‘cognitive revolution’ started about 70,000 years ago humans have slowly gained wealth. Along with this we have all become better educated and we understand everything better. We owe this to our decision to stop following religion as the source of all knowledge and satisfy our curiosities by allowing science to find the answers. This has allowed humans to take total control of the environment for producing food and wealth, along with this comes a very serious price tag and lifestyle diseases maybe part of this price.

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