You Are What You Eat Drink And Think

In 1826 Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote in Physiologie du Gout, ou Meditations de Gastronomie Transcendante, 1826: “Dis-Moi ce  que tu manges, je te dirae ce que tu es”. Whist means ‘Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are’.

In an essay titled Concerning Spiritualism and Materialism, 1863/4, Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach wrote “Der Mensch ist, was er iBt.”  This translates into English as ‘man is what he eats’.

From this beginning via a very torturous route we arrive at todays adoption of this saying “You are what you eat”. So even back in 1826, nearly 200 years ago we knew food and health were inextricably linked. Today, nearly 200 years on we still are confusing people by double talk, a calorie is not a calorie, energy in energy out is to simplistic, we can put on weight but we can’t take it off. The human body tries to prevent humans from taking weight off as part of a built in survival mechanism, inherited from our paleo days where feast and famine were common occurrences.

Everyone Has An Opinion

This is a large part of the problem, and when we see research we are finding a lot of the research is biased in favour of it’s grant donor. There is also a huge time constraint now placed on journalists so they don’t have time to check the validity of articles (blogs) arriving, they now take the view that it is better to be first than correct, corrections can be made on the run. Of course this is wrong, and uninformed people start to believe stories when they read them often enough. Scientists are now doing research to try to find out why people don’t believe science. What they have found is fascinating. The reason is not because they are less smart, or less educated it is because they think like lawyers and ‘Cherry Pick’ the research that agrees with their own opinion. Bloggers are now playing right into their hands by blogging untruths and so are journalist who are producing ‘fake news’. Unfortunately people following health are becoming very confused and don’t know which direction to follow.

Searching For The Health Trail

Naturopaths have discovered a lot of the health clues but now they have reached the river and will have to learn to swim to reach the evidence on the other side. Trail blazing Naturopaths would reach the other side and complete their Masters in Clinical Science – Lifestyle Medicine with Southern Cross University. This would enable them to not only do research but understand research done by others, which can be very daunting at times.

Health Clues Are Emerging All Of The Time

We are probably situated in the most ideal climate for health today providing we don’t over simplify or over medicate. This can be a fine line between the two. We are only dealing with lifestyle caused diseases here  in this article.Most of the diseases patients now go to doctors for have been caused by their lifestyles, about 68% of them and more will be added to this list. So it makes a lot of sense in learning how to avoid them and learning how to reverse them preferably in the early stages. Searching for a single nutrient cause for weight gain is not as important as knowing how to reverse it. Eating can become very compulsive similar to addiction but it is a habit humans become to fond of as Stanton Peel said on many occasions. It is a habit that we can break by removing the mental stimulation. If you start thinking about a food you love you will start to crave it, or a milkshake, cappuccino or pretty much anything else. In the old days 50 years ago we carried enough food to do us for each working day because we worked a long way from home or shops. By not thinking about food we were able to stop our hunger until we arrived back home for the evening meal. Getting fat causes disease there is no denying that now with all the emerging evidence.

Mind Chatter

I did a course last year with Monash University on Mindfulness. It was only a short course of one semester but it has turned out to be unbelievably helpful. I can stop my mind chattering within a few seconds now and I found this impossible before. This has enabled me to bring my blood pressure down to a fraction above normal, whereas before it used to drift up very high sometimes. Switching the mind off food has become much easier. If you eat to much food and can workout extremely hard to remove the excess kilocalories you still have to deal with the food by-products. You also have to control your eating or you would find it impossible to lose enough weight, exercise is an inefficient kilocalorie burner. For myself a 10 kilometre walk burns the same number of kilocalories as I would eat from 3 pieces of toast with peanut butter on it. Exercise is good because getting hot and sweaty controls satiety, proved by Stanford University.

Drinking Habits Does Not Only Refer To Alcohol

A lot of commentary has emerged over the past 5 years regarding alcohol and it’s health dangers. Sugar laden drinks whether they are made from fruits or carbonated drinks are not good for you. Unless you drink above the safe levels for alcohol they are more dangerous. Research, once again has shown sensible drinkers out live non drinkers. Twice previously this same result has emerged from the evidence.  A mediterranean diet would not be a mediterranean diet without red wine, fish/seafood, fruit, vegetables, nuts, beans, herbs, foraging, small amount of red meat, cheese and olive oil. This diet has always been found to be an anti-inflammatory diet which is exactly what you want.

Share Plates

This features strongly in all discussions about eating habits for Greek or Italian people, other family eating gatherings occur in Okinawa. These three countries are listed in the blue zones for extreme longevity, the worlds oldest woman born in Northern Italy died last month at 117 years 136 days, she never moved from Northern Italy,Piedmont. Shared plates allow for a party style atmosphere whenever family or others come to visit. Because these countries all preserve food for eating when they are not in season, they can always make a quick nutritious meal from the preserves. Greece is another  country that always has preserved vegetables/ herbs/ fruit in cupboards for any unexpected visitors. They live a very simple life and it works for them.

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